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Synonyms for embossment

an impression produced by pressure or printing


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sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

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In the WD-material, the center of the white embossment shows a relatively low amount of voids and a low orientation, whereas the material from the outer part of the whitened embossment exhibits both voids and highly oriented semicrystalline stacks.
INSPIRATIONAL Birgit Skiold TALENT Vast Sea, an etching and embossment by Birgit Skiold, whose work, on show at Northern Print in Newcastle, inspired the gallery's Biennale
closer, place your hands on the embossment of bodies, a shape you have
This separately finished ring was soldered onto and the still unstructured half pearls were refinished from the front with a suitable hollow embossment tool (Fig.
Individuals who score high on emotional stability (sometimes called neuroticism) tend to experience effects such as fear, sadness, embossment, disgust, anger, and guilt.
Each painting is the culmination of many months of intensive work, where the surface is built up in layers of paint, embossment and gold leaf.
The surface texture is visible and can be used as an embossment sheet.
The short-stroke key, with either embossment or a raised edge, is said to have a lifespan of at least one million uses.
It also offers a diamond grip embossment technology that allows individual layers of the wrap to nest within each other, on an incline or in the vertical position.
Designed by a fine artist, Kelly Porter Engel, and produced like limited-edition lithographs and etchings, the papers will come with a signature embossment mark on one panel to ensure authenticity.
The embossment was done on the back of the banknote to produce the series of raised dots on the face of the note.
Standard gloves and liners come in the SG configuration with heat-grip silicone embossment and as PU gloves with polyurethane palms.
Shortly before I started working for them, Liberty purchased a company called Quality Embossment.