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Synonyms for embossment

an impression produced by pressure or printing


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sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

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OE Duramax diesel rocker cover gaskets utilize a rubber coated single-layer stainless steel with embossment which concentrates the sealing load to prevent leaks.
Individuals who score high on emotional stability (sometimes called neuroticism) tend to experience effects such as fear, sadness, embossment, disgust, anger, and guilt.
Each painting is the culmination of many months of intensive work, where the surface is built up in layers of paint, embossment and gold leaf.
It also offers a diamond grip embossment technology that allows individual layers of the wrap to nest within each other, on an incline or in the vertical position.
Designed by a fine artist, Kelly Porter Engel, and produced like limited-edition lithographs and etchings, the papers will come with a signature embossment mark on one panel to ensure authenticity.
Shortly before I started working for them, Liberty purchased a company called Quality Embossment.
8, the top scan (sample B) shows almost perfect symmetry about the center of the white embossment.
Heritage Collection Pint Jars feature a vintage-inspired blue tint, period-correct logo and anniversary embossment.
This magnificent collection is comprised of special occasion dresses with sleek beading and dramatic rosette ornamentation, blouses with smart pleats and pintuck adornment, sequin shrug boleros with puff-sleeves, sheer overlay skirts with stunning crystal embossment, and a favorite item of the season is a ready-to-wear blazer and trouser suit of rich satin.
Seats are covered in black vinyl with a Gortex embossment, and the inserts are Tectonic fabric with Polar White accents.
The Classic-Craft Canvas Collection from Therma-Tru features smooth, paintable surfaces on fiberglass doors with embossment details so that homeowners can select the paint color they wish to accent their energy-efficient entryway.
The smooth, paintable surface of the door, which features wide center panels and rich embossment details that rival high-end custom wood doors, provides security and durability in the home.
Dana's Wave-stopper incorporates a unique embossment into the selected gasket layer(s) to provide a precisely controlled stopper action to seal the combustion chamber.
The embossment depth can be altered to fit the food.
This marks the first time in the cookie's 85-year history that the chocolate-based cookie embossment has taken on a brand new look, says Nabisco Business director Scott Thomas.