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Their newest product, the eBosser die cutter & embosser, has been lauded by crafters and quilters, gaining international acclaim.
Over time, computer-based braille embossers evolved and, in addition to the job of embossing braille books, embosser units began to appear that could act as computer terminals, allowing blind people to interact directly with computers.
Computer assistive technology output consists of talking and large print word processors, CCTVs, refreshable Braille displays and embossers, screen readers, and speech synthesizers.
With improvements in technology, however, counterfeiting a credit card has become a multi-step process, often using desktop computer systems and peripherals, including embossers, laminators, and tipping foil, to produce a more realistic looking card, complete with a hologram and fully encoded magnetic strip.
Technological accommodations typically may include image enlargement, embossers, speech synthesis, or optical character recognition.
The cost of this type of system, of course, is substantially more than coded name badges or plastic card embossers, but the quality of information that can be retrieved is superior.
The field has many options, ranging from complete computer systems and peripheral devices, such as a braille embossers, to integrated hardware systems and software.
It can support multiple hardware devices--including card printers, embossers, PIN entry devices and encoders--using a centralized server component.
com provides a huge selection of rubber stamps in an easy-to-order format including rubber stamps and seals for notaries, rubber stamps and seals for engineers and architects, corporate rubber stamps, stock message rubber stamps, monogram name rubber stamps, monogram embossers, wedding rubber stamps, fast-dry ink rubber stamps, clothing markers, desk signs and much more.
today announced an agreement with Teresa Collins Designs, for the creation of an exclusive design collection for use with the eBosser and eCraft product lines of specialty electronic die cutters and embossers.
Two individuals addressed technology and its impact on the future of braille by describing the way in which the code was expanded to accommodate the advent of computers and the Internet, as well as the development of braille-translation software and embossers, which allowed for greater access to both braille and the digital age and speeded the production and distribution of braille materials.
Individual components include dies, vacuum sizers, water baths, air tables, belt pullers, wheel pullers, embossers, traveling saws, servo cutters and dump tables.
A number of the computerized braille embossers are noisier than ordinary printers.
DCS will be installing its CardWizard software and Datacard 150i embossers in Glass City FCU's four branch locations throughout Northwest Ohio: the main branch in Maumee, Ohio, and three remote branches including one in Bowling Green and two in Toledo.
From simple embossers, manual label makers to industrial portables, computer-connected products, and cutting-edge software and online service, DYMO is here to simplify your tasks while helping you look more professional.