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Presently audiotactile access requires creating a tactile copy on an embosser.
Over time, computer-based braille embossers evolved and, in addition to the job of embossing braille books, embosser units began to appear that could act as computer terminals, allowing blind people to interact directly with computers.
95 - For the friend who loves to write letters, a gold-toned desktop embosser with monogram and/or address, from the Levenger catalog; (800) 544-0880.
Visitors' names, addresses, and some demographic data, could be captured quickly and inexpensively in the time it took to run a card through the embosser.
The Cricut Cuttlebug machine, an embosser and die cutter, is part of Provo Craft's Cricut line of products, which includes leading electronic cutting machines.
The ME1500 is a compact, auto-feed, high speed embosser accommodating a range of plate materials and dimensions to easily create ID tags, cable tags, serial number tags, etc.
The complete line configuration features unwinder (one or two reels), printing unit (one or two color ci), drying tunnel, embosser (r/s, s/s or heated), laminator (for tissue), impregnator, folding head, edge cutting unit and automatic transfer.
The Braille file needs to be proofread before the pages are produced on an embosser, and the charity relies heavily on trained volunteers for this time-consuming work.
The Duxbury software translates text to Grade 2 Braille and exports it to a Braille embosser.
A Braille embosser that translates text or graphics into Braille notation on paper.
Chris, who trained as a glass embosser, linked up with art teacher turned priest Father Stephen Williams five months ago to work his Celtic and Art Deco designs on to glass.
If a braille embosser is available, then material from the CD-ROM can be produced in braille easily.