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This mentoring enabled us to supplement our existing sixsmall machines with a brand new Braille embosser, increasing our production capacity five-fold.
The program is run through the school's disABILITIES Support Services, which also offers a Braille embosser, talking calculators and note-taking services, among other things, dSS currently serves about 1,500 students each year, including the members of the DNS class.
The braille embosser is located in a custom-built stand on the library's third floor.
With the Model 610 Plastic Card Embosser, Quality Blank PVC cards, and the Model 2000 Electric Imprinter, Addressograph creates an affordable resident ID system for the long-term care market.
It will also pay for computer equipment for a Braille embosser.
You need a writer to put the info on a magnetic strip and an embosser.
95 - For the friend who loves to write letters, a gold-toned desktop embosser with monogram and/or address, from the Levenger catalog; (800) 544-0880.
Visitors' names, addresses, and some demographic data, could be captured quickly and inexpensively in the time it took to run a card through the embosser.
The Cricut Cuttlebug machine, an embosser and die cutter, is part of Provo Craft's Cricut line of products, which includes leading electronic cutting machines.
Their newest product, the eBosser die cutter & embosser, has been lauded by crafters and quilters, gaining international acclaim.
For 50 years, Cricut has sold tools that inspire creativity, including the Cricut electronic cutting machine, the Cricut Craft Room design software, and the Cricut Cuttlebug[TM] embosser and die cutter.
The complete line configuration features unwinder (one or two reels), printing unit (one or two color ci), drying tunnel, embosser (r/s, s/s or heated), laminator (for tissue), impregnator, folding head, edge cutting unit and automatic transfer.