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embellished with a raised pattern created by pressure or embroidery

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Besides these works of art, there were a great many heads of old ladies and gentlemen smirking at each other out of blue and brown skies, and an elegantly written card of terms with an embossed border.
Slumkey--that Slumkey whom we, long before he gained his present noble and exalted position, predicted would one day be, as he now is, at once his country's brightest honour, and her proudest boast: alike her bold defender and her honest pride-- our reptile contemporary, we say, has made himself merry, at the expense of a superbly embossed plated coal-scuttle, which has been presented to that glorious man by his enraptured constituents, and towards the purchase of which, the nameless wretch insinuates, the Honourable Mr.
Under the agreement, Speaking Roses will produce and sell fresh, silk and preserved roses, which are embossed with the official logos of the Tournament of Roses, the University of Texas, and the University of Southern California, who will compete in the Rose Bowl(R) for the 2006 NCAA national championship.
In addition, the temperature profiles at different depths of the embossed plates by ultrasonic vibration were measured.
a complex state of stresses and complex temperature distribution), which gives rise to anisotropic residual stresses and inhomogeneous physical properties of the embossed micro/nanostructures.
Once the mold embossed into the substrate, the molten polymer was pushed out, showing characteristics similar to a "squeezed" flow (Fig.
Also, the effect of different heating methods on the hot embossing process is investigated by examining the flow pattern and the embossed part quality.
The two-in-one office productivity tool scans documents up to 66 images per minute in duplex mode and can scan embossed or non-embossed plastic ID cards in less than 3 seconds.
Chrome creates a reflective, embossed effect, simulating chrome, liquid metal and other shiny surfaces.
The style of the restaurant has been uniquely tailored to Gateway's new sophisticated urban design with contemporary features such as black ebony furnishings, elegant embossed faux ostrich embossed leather, state-of-the-art plasma televisions and audio/video system.
An atomic force microscope (AFM; MS-700, AFM/SPM, Taiwan) was used to measure the surface morphology of the embossed polymer substrates.
The process is quite common in other products: We see and touch embossed paper napkins just about every day, for instance.
The cover comprises a pattern of embossed features.
Image embossing provides an easy and convenient way of adding embossed images, logos or other information and marketing material to products and containers.