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raise in a relief


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Some mobile phone parts are embossed; dimple patterns can make gripping easier; and emboss marks on tickets can make them more difficult to counterfeit.
They were able to emboss holes as small as 500 [micro]m in diameter.
To emboss such precision 3D features out of a polymer sheet, an appropriate through-thickness action is needed.
com)-- Embossanova was inspired by Bodoni and Lubalin Graph, an unlikely pairing says Stephen Boss, the type designer designer and owner of the digital type foundry Emboss Fonts.
This enabled it to emboss, laminate, print up to 11 colours on both sides of the substrate, over-laminate, die-cut and finish all inline on a variety of substrates including OPP, polyester and paper.
In addition to microwell structures, the micropillar array was also used to emboss PLGA through hole structures (membranes).
com)-- Emboss Fonts is proud to be a sponsor of Monotype Imaging's 2011 Web Font Awards.
The soft embossing machines will be used to emboss on 12 [micro]rn PET and 18-20 [micro]m OPP.
The two-station embossing strategy was used to emboss both protrusion and recess microfeatures on thermoplastic polymer substrates.