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raise in a relief


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Some mobile phone parts are embossed; dimple patterns can make gripping easier; and emboss marks on tickets can make them more difficult to counterfeit.
8220;We're thrilled to have Emboss Fonts support this year's competition and excited to see their work and those of other emerging type designers and foundries across the Web.
They were able to emboss holes as small as 500 [micro]m in diameter.
5) indicated that the silicon mold insert that was used to emboss the poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) material and electroforming Ni mold insert embossed the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material by hot embossing molding.
To emboss such precision 3D features out of a polymer sheet, an appropriate through-thickness action is needed.
In addition to microwell structures, the micropillar array was also used to emboss PLGA through hole structures (membranes).
The two-station embossing strategy was used to emboss both protrusion and recess microfeatures on thermoplastic polymer substrates.
Ultrasonic vibration heating can provide an effective way of heat generation to hot emboss the precise structure onto the surface of a large plate.
The basic operating principle in the hot embossing process is to emboss the polymer substrate at a temperature above [T.