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Synonyms for embonpoint

sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure


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How lift-off had been achieved via Julia Roberts' embonpoint in Erin Brockovich.
Denied the pleasures of the gourmet by gravity and embonpoint, a sartorial disaster area and with a predilection for oval balls, Italy would seem to be off my international sourcing list.
It went down all pulpy, slushy, oozy, all its delicious embonpoint melted down my throat like a large, beautified Strawberry.
Brownlee's acting was overshadowed by that of Nicola Alaimo, who commanded the stage as Dandini, pompously strutting about Il Duce-like, replete with an embonpoint that demonstrated he could eat for four.
Where's the nectarine going down "soft pulpy, slushy, oozy--all its delicious embonpoint melt[ing] down my throat like a large beatified Strawberry" (Rollins, Letters 2: 149, 179)?
See Stearns, Fat History, 9 and the following example: "That 'Slight Inclination' to Embonpoint," Harper's Bazaar, Aug 4, 1883, 487.
The blazon's last, most daring stanza plays explicitly on the theme of disclosure and concealment: "Quant a ce que l'acoutrement / Cache, ce semble, expressement / Pour mirer sur ce beau chef d'euvre, / Nul que l'Ami ne le voit point: / Mais le grasselet embonpoint / Du visage le nous descoeuvre" (19.
She's got red bows, too, and red frills and red hair and red shoes and an orangey-red embonpoint (which I believe is the polite way of saying jugs) and a hemline that ends halfway up her substantial thighs.
Cette jeunesse est charmante, avec son leger embonpoint, ses yeux de pervenche et son enthousiasme cornelien.
Prime responsibility for this embonpoint is a direct response to the proliferation of IEDs--Improvised Explosive Devices.
Quickly (Celia Imrie, in a ripe turn, whose corseted embonpoint amply fills the widescreen frame).
Heloise is expelled from the convent (apparently for sexual impropriety--but this young woman is so caught up in religious ecstasy that it is hard to tell where the spiritual experience ends and the physical begins) and she moves into the house of ill repute run by Octavia Embonpoint.
She looks alarmingly like her predecessor the duchesse de Chateauroux, whom Nattier had painted in all her embonpoint as Daybreak with a torch and a carafe of dew about three years earlier (Versailles).
Without sidestepping the serious aspects of embonpoint (frustratingly frequent bathroom trips, conspicuous perspiring, a horror of all reflecting surfaces), C't' a ton tour, Laura Cadieux succeeds in showing us just how much fun chunky chicks can have.
I can see why they would wish to leave for a while that place, with its numerous and widespread scandals, from the sleaziest sex behavior in the White House on the president's part, with a creature lacking all qualifications except embonpoint and its equivalent in hair, through investigations or indictments of a half-dozen cabinet members and financial corruption involving illegal contacts with quite scrutable and obviously very dishonest Orientals.