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an abnormal particle (e

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Floor Aleva, MD, and colleagues recently completed a systematic review and meta-analysis on prevalence and localization of pulmonary embolus in patients with acute exacerbations of COPD.
Although our patient has made it almost two years without major complications from her vertebroplasty and resulting cement embolus, there are documented cases where lack of identification and/or intervention resulted in right ventricular wall perforation, requiring emergent surgical removal and repair.
1 Interpreting the timing of discovery, presence of symptoms, and anatomical location of the embolus, a risk-benefit estimate can guide further management decisions.
Initial intraoperative diagnosis of air embolus is based on hypotension and decreased end tidal C[O.
Left male palps in ventral view are used for describing the origin points of the embolus, apophyses and conductor on the tegulum.
The pathologist reported that the clot that caused the embolus appeared fresh.
During copulation, the male transfers seminal fluid via the embolus into the female copulatory duct.
One that stays in one place is a thrombus; a clot that has broken free is an embolus.
Males can be distinguished by an embolus with a rounded base (Figs.
A pulmonary embolus is a complication of a venous thrombosis that results in the lodging of a blood clot in a pulmonary artery, causing obstruction of lung vasculature (Feied & Handler, 2002; Merck Manual, 2004).
An autopsy found the 49-year-old Longshore suffered a pulmonary embolus, a blood clot in the lungs due to a deep venous thrombosis in his leg.