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surgical removal of an embolus (usually from an artery)

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Clinical Instruments also brings two new products to the LeMaitre Vascular sales bag: latex flee carotid shunts and latex free dual-lumen embolectomy catheters.
Anticoagulation is generally required after embolectomy, the duration depending on the aetiology.
For many years, surgical embolectomy was the only available alternative to heparin therapy for patients with massive PE.
The Keeper Catheter combines a compliant embolectomy balloon with its proprietary VisioValve technology.
When he arrived at medical meetings as an invited guest to speak about the balloon embolectomy catheter "I'd show up and they wouldn't believe that I was the individual that was responsible for it," he said.
Open vascular surgery includes procedures such as surgical embolectomy and peripheral arterial bypass graft surgery as well as amputation, but does not include catheter-based procedures such as percutaneous angioplasty or stenting.
For example, acute cor pulmonale caused by an acute massive pulmonary thromboembolism often demands the administration of thrombolytic medications or embolectomy.
Gains will reflect expanding applications for high value-added products (such as prefilled inhalers, prefilled syringes, drug-eluting stents, and atherectomy and embolectomy catheters).
Fogarty (1934-) -- He holds 65 patents on surgical devices including the Fogarty Balloon Embolectomy Catheter, which revolutionized the way surgeons remove clots from blood vessels without major surgery.
One month before admission, the tumor had grown to 6 cm, and surgical repair was complicated by left lower extremity ischemia and left femoral, anterior tibial, peroneal, and posterior tibial artery thrombi that required embolectomy.
The neurovascular embolectomy device segment, which includes devices used in the interventional treatment of AIS, has significant growth potential.
15-0768 r # 1: blood embolectomy catheter 6 fr, f / t: 21884 * r # 2: blood embolectomy catheter fr *** 5 f / t: 21884.
A pulmonary embolectomy was performed, and thromboembolic material was removed.
In earlier trials we showed that embolectomy devices can open brain vessels during acute stroke," remarked Wade Smith, MD, PhD a Professor of Neurology at The University of California, San Francisco.