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Krohn, who served as a Pentagon public affairs officer during the first three and a half years of the Bush administration, points out that the unnecessary war in Iraq is rapidly wearing down our military, under-mining national morale, and emboldening actual and potential adversaries.
Often the only form of mass communication in the squalid townships the white authorities forced the country's majority to live in, the freedom songs grew from initial cries of outrage against extreme segregation laws to subversive satires, syncopated threats, poignant cries of personal anguish, military fight songs and, of course, unifying and emboldening anthems.
Now I could have done all that, but the good job I did was emboldening them to do it.
Drawing on intelligence reports from European counter-narcotics and intelligence agencies, interviews with experts and law enforcement officials both here and abroad, and European press accounts, this magazine warned in explicit detail about the likely consequences of allying ourselves with the KLA--not the least of which would be emboldening the group's chief ally and financier, Osama bin Laden.
That strategy of symbolic retaliation has clearly failed, emboldening demonic characters like Osama bin Laden to escalate his acts of terror.