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the state of being embittered

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In causing grief to his community he chose from the vantage point of his own embitterment to reaffirm himself, believing that people would never forget him.
Consequently most Flemish literature on the Congo is retrospective in nature: the ex-colonial looks with nostalgia, puzzlement or embitterment back on a period that is closed off for good.
Not just for the league position and the chance to make up ground on leaders Wolves and edge away from Reading, who lost at home to Bristol City, but in prolonging the trauma and embitterment.
Hydrogen absorption by titanium can be caused embitterment of surface layer.
Presence of hydrogen embitterment like a common problem for API 5 L steel welded by electric arc was marked (Plascensia, G.
There seemed to be something basic reinforcing her view of good and evil, an element of embitterment there, and the notion of conspiracy.
Everything about Sherry I felt that I really had to believe in her," says Maggie, of the recovering addict who swings from optimism to lost embitterment to early pangs of maternal care.
And Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain told Bremner: "You should stop spreading cynicism and embitterment about politicians.
He said: 'I enjoy his impersonations, I think they're terrific, we all laugh like hell about them as we're all taken the Mickey out of, but I do think, Rory, you should stop spreading cynicism and embitterment about politicians.
For researchers, clinicians, forensic psychologists, and psychiatrists, this volume serves as the first comprehensive description of posttraumatic embitterment disorder (which was first recognized after German reunification), how it arises, its diagnosis, and its treatment.
But we can understand that these facets of his troubled disintegrating nature gradually took over and his suicide was a foregone conclusion, the result of embitterment and emotional rejection from partners he loved.
on those preferred or a sense of racial embitterment on those excluded.
While I didn't chalk the alteration up to any kind of embitterment, I also didn't read it as meaningless.
What is more, it's a lyric about the historical embitterment of the lyric.
74) As Rudolph Rocker noted, "In those hundreds of cases where fathers have been interned for years, while their sons have fought, been wounded and even died for this country, and where women and children have been made destitute and subjected to the direst poverty, the embitterment is so great, that one my well-nigh despair of finding a remedy.