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  • verb

Synonyms for embitter

make bitter or resentful

Synonyms for embitter

to make or become bitter


Synonyms for embitter

cause to be bitter or resentful

References in classic literature ?
The dungeons were never empty; the streets of almost every village echoed daily with the lash; the life of a woman, whose mild and Christian spirit no cruelty could embitter, had been sacrificed; and more innocent blood was yet to pollute the hands that were so often raised in prayer.
I repulsed her as one would a dreaded and ghastly concubine coming to embitter a husband's heart toward his young bride; in vain; she kept her sway over me for that night and the next day, and eight succeeding days.
It was too tragic that the very thing which should have stood for opportunity to the boy had been used to embitter him and drive him into danger.
In this address at Madison I took the ground that the policy to be pursued with references to the races was, by every honourable means, to bring them together and to encourage the cultivation of friendly relations, instead of doing that which would embitter.
A dependence upon him,' said Kate, 'would embitter my whole life.
I know not why, but infinite compunctions embitter in mature life the remembrances of budding joy and cover every beloved name.