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Synonyms for embezzler

someone who violates a trust by taking (money) for his own use

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Issawi praised the "collective action" that led to the capture of the suspected embezzler of Iraqi public funds.
He really overly simplifies repealing those programs with his analogy to stopping an embezzler, claiming that when something is morally wrong, it must be ended immediately.
If there are increasing overhead costs but not increasing revenues related to products, the embezzler may be taking the products.
Experts believe this is one of the costliest bails in New York, because Bernard Madoff and Tyco embezzler Dennis Kozlowski had earlier handed authorities 10 million dollar cash each to secure their pre-disposition freedom.
When you look at the life a bank embezzler is living and check out his wealth, it is quite obvious that important part of assets were taken abroad," Cicek said.
Upon accepting the post and taking up residence in the small Ohio town, Mark revisits the fateful night of the murder, raising doubts about his friend's guilt, as well as other issues, including the identity of the embezzler.
In China, the death sentence is the punishment for anybody found guilty of embezzling public funds, while in Yemen, punishment is rewarding the embezzler with a ministerial position.
What court would allow an embezzler to forgo punishment by paying back his ill gotten gains when he is caught - only those in the Commons apparently.
Otherwise, the company may unknowingly weaken a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution with its knee-jerk response to the embezzler.
Walker have a bishop hire a convicted embezzler as his financial controller?
who chronicles his descent from ambitious telecom worker to convicted embezzler in this book, which was published by a division of Pavlo's company, Etika LLC.
The latest disciplinary action follows executive pay cuts the bank announced in March for lending to an embezzler.
Warning signs of potential fraud: Employees in the bookkeeping department who never take vacations; complaints from vendors that they haven't been paid, though your books show they have; phone calls from advisors, such as your accountant, stop coming (because an embezzler is intercepting the calls).
Chilean wife of Japanese embezzler released from custody
Although cast as Marion Crane, the sexy embezzler, Leigh still looks like the sort of girl who could roll pastry for momma's apple-pie.