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Moving house, giving an alternative address and embellishing religious credentials are all strategies employed by parents anxious for their offspring to attend their school of choice.
For the next exercise, I asked her to consider the character of each gesture and play a more overt version of that character by embellishing Mozart's music, extending his passages in an improvisatory fashion.
Altogether, 92 per cent of the 400 men and women quizzed admitted embellishing a story in company.
Still aglow from my ultimate glamour day, which was rapidly embellishing itself in the darkroom of my brain, I alit from my chariot, New Jersey Transit.
Expert marketer, trend scout and specialist in mood management for public spaces Christian Mikunda presents Brand Lands, Hot Spots, & Cool Spaces, an insider's guide to how marketers successfully connect an emotional bond with the customer, placing him or her in the right mood to attract sales, and embellishing public spaces in such a manner that they become locations other than home and work that customers wish to visit regularly.
By embellishing in the United States and keeping blanks in stock, "we can give a quick turnaround that importers can't give," Grosfeld said.
Photo: (1 -- color) On the cover: Art-project pants; Designers catch the craft craze, embellishing jeans and trousers.