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Neil Taylor is only the latest in a long line of fakers and embellishers.
This is a major component in JERZEES' marketing strategy to stimulate consumer demand for its activewear, which is purchased primarily from mass retail stores and apparel embellishers.
On a national basis, including what the able decorative and embellishers sell, I consider that towel retail value can and should equal sheet sales.
The Custom Websites function provides a customized web-based Hanes Imagewear Catalog Service for promotional-products distributors and embellishers.
The Entrepreneurs Project specialist Angela Braid explained that exhibitions such as this, aid in improving marketing and product development abilities of female sales agents and women embellishers.
And its air vents and gear lever gain light metallic grey embellishers to give the interior a sporty feel.
com(TM) will also market directly to manufacturers and embellishers of apparel and textiles seeking to differentiate their products in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.
For GTi users there are Janspeed rear exhaust silencers and embellishers to change the look and sound of the cars.
Six-cylinder models also have 10mm larger chrome tailpipe embellishers in enlarged cut-outs, and re-styled side mirrors improve the car's aerodynamic properties and contain slim horizontal indicator strips.