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Despite the potential for women embellishers to earn a good living and contribute to the national economy, most of them remain trapped in a cycle of poverty resulting from issues of mobility and access to market information, customers, and trends.
On a national basis, including what the able decorative and embellishers sell, I consider that towel retail value can and should equal sheet sales.
The Custom Websites function provides a customized web-based Hanes Imagewear Catalog Service for promotional-products distributors and embellishers.
For GTi users there are Janspeed rear exhaust silencers and embellishers to change the look and sound of the cars.
com(TM) will also market directly to manufacturers and embellishers of apparel and textiles seeking to differentiate their products in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.
Six-cylinder models also have 10mm larger chrome tailpipe embellishers in enlarged cut-outs, and re-styled side mirrors improve the car's aerodynamic properties and contain slim horizontal indicator strips.
Other features were wheel embellishers and special 1000000 badges on the bonnet and boot lid.
The main objective of the collaboration is to provide sustainable solutions to female sales agents and women embellishers for enterprise development.
Look at the charts published by the embellishers and you'll see one that a) assumes reinvested dividends every year, year after year (as if no one ever retires and begins living off them), b) zero fees paid, ever, and c) no impart from taxes or inflation.
The exhibition showcased products from more than 15 Female Sales Agents (FSAs) who are managing 450 Women Embellishers from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and Baluchistan.
com/archive /2004/06/07/040607fa_fact1 (discussing Ahmad Cahlabi's involvement in efforts to overthrow Saddam Hussein); Com, supra note 318 ("The defectors were duds--fabricators and embellishers.
Prodrive badging on the chrome exhaust embellishers and front stone deflectors, plus special logos on the C-pillar, are the only exterior statements to say something out of the ordinary, but the cabin has more of a say in the Brera S pedigree.
Beading is an enduring popular craft and a basic skill for do-it-yourself jewelry makers, needlecraft embellishers, and crafts artists.