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an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf

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The densities of juvenile Tanner crabs during summer in Kodiak embayments remained high from 2009 through 2011, in the range of 2-10 crabs/[m.
2d) shows new marsh rapidly infilling the wide, shallow embayment toward Chestle Pill, implying outward spreading at a rate of not less than about 10 m annually.
Atilla N and Fleeger JW: Meiofaunal colonization of artificial substrates in an estuarine embayment.
2001) also provide models to explain the infilling of east coast estuarine embayments with their sand-barrier-induced, inner mud basins where sulfidic sediments accumulated initially, later to be overtopped by fluviatilc sediment.
Late Cretaceous elasmobranchs from the Mississippi east Texas embayments of the Gulf Coastal Plain.
Linking the land to the sea, the shallow tidal creeks and embayments along the shores of larger estuaries are the first zone of impact for many of the chemical and microbial pollutants washed or released into estuaries.
Kambalda style massive and heavily disseminated sulphides occur in footwall embayments.
Multiple targets for exploration identified in EPL1607 include reef margin embayments, gulley systems developed along multiple weakness planes in bedrock gneisses, drowned aeolian transport corridors and energy traps associated with basinal features mainly along the inshore margins of the reefs.
The algae poses an immediate threat to the coastal embayments where it has been found, including California's Agua Hedionda Lagoon and Huntington Harbor," says Chiara Clemente, an environmental specialist with California's Regional Water Quality Control Board.
Spits and beach ridges continued to grow until the end of the 19th century, which resulted in (1) capturing small embayments of Lake Michigan to form Calumet and Wolf Lakes, and (2) further deflecting of the Grand Calumet River eastward.
The rich communities of marine organisms also attract millions of birds that stop over to feed in shallow embayments, intertidal flats, and marshes during spring and fall migrations, thus linking the Gulf to distant ecosystems in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Because of this, windward embayments tend to support more estuarine fisheries than leeward areas.
Embayments in the footwall along the basal Nickel Irruptive contact are prime locations for hosting some of the largest and richest Cu-Ni-PGM deposits in the Sudbury camp and the Foy Embayment offers exceptional exploration targets.
Spawning occurs along coastal areas and planktonic larvae inhabit the continental shelf for about a month before settling in shallow protected areas along the coast or in the outer reaches of protected embayments (Allen and Herbinson, 1990; Moser and Watson, 1990).
1), combine to create a contiguous system of shallow canals, intertidal sand flats, and embayments that is highly productive and biologically diverse (Alvare-Borrego et al.