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an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf

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Anticlines within the Dezful Embayment coincide with modest topographic highs, generally only a few tens of metres above the surrounding plains, which are themselves only a few metres above sea level.
In the alternative to be implemented, all ash removed from the embayment will be permanently stored on site, virtually eliminating the risks and costs associated with shipping ash over public roads or rails.
The presence of high strandlines on the bluffs above Silver Lake suggests that this former embayment should have within it sediment associated with Lake Michigan.
Rose diagrams produced for the study area indicate river channel orientations, both inside and outside the projected WRFZ, follow the regional lithologic trend of the Mississippi Embayment.
The deeper unconventional shale gas (USG) potential of the Kimberley Downs Embayment was not re-assessed in this new RPS study of which was limited to assessing the prospective resources potential of the New Oil Play only.
The scientists found that when the Antarctic ice sheets of the Ross Sea Embayment retreated in the Holocene period 8,000 years ago, elephant seals adopted the emergent habitat and established a new population which flourished.
Bruce founded Best Well in 1991 with one workover rig; and under his leadership, the fleet was expanded to 25 rigs now operating within a 200-mile radius of Liberal, Kansas in the Hugoton Embayment, the Texas Panhandle field and the Anadarko Basin.
Silver Lake is a former embayment of Lake Michigan separated by a barrier-bar/dune complex.
Topographically lower, tan to black, sand and gravel deposits have basal elevations that follow the gradients of present-day streams and are tentatively correlated to Pleistocene terrace levels in the Mississippi embayment.
This circumstance, together with the configuration of the contours on the coastal plain in the vicinity of the Sembiran excavations (Ardika & Bellwood 1991: figure 1 lower map), indicates that the archaeological site was at the head of a small sheltered embayment which no longer exists, the coastline being almost straight today.
As announced on May 23, 2005, Colorado Oil and Gas has agreed to purchase thirteen producing oil and gas wells with in-fill development potential for up to 5 additional wells, including one re-completion in a new producing zone of an existing well, located in 9 different producing oil and gas fields and in various producing horizons of Colorado's DJ basin and the northern end of the Hugoton Embayment located across the eastern half of Colorado.
minimum closure oil pool) or part of a potentially multi-MMbbl prospective stratigraphic feature within Yellow Drum dolomites extending from L6 into EP129R3 region within the Kimberley Downs Embayment.
Using sonar technology from onboard ships, scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the German Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) captured the most extensive, continuous set of images of the seafloor around the Amundsen Sea embayment ever taken.
He has worked in oil and gas exploration and development in Australia, Egypt, Central Asia, Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Gulf of Mexico and in Iran, where he led a team evaluating the remaining prospectivity in parts of the prolific Dezful Embayment.
During the earliest part of the Paleocene (Danian Age), the Mississippi Embayment extended into southern Illinois.