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a diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work

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an ambassador and his entourage collectively

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If reports are to be believed, some embassies have begun telling their officials who have children to reconsider moving to the city.
In his mind, ideas and even the 's' word--style--are fully transmissible, and in conversation, his slow and deliberate speech reveals ambiguous voices; authority and humility merge to render statements as questions and a surprisingly playful attitude reveals liberal fusions that allow him to freely borrow from antiquity, Mies, Koolhaas, and the (as was) British car industry; as a British eccentric therefore, perhaps Fretton was an ideal choice to design one of the country's latest embassies.
embassies submit proposed projects to Headquarters, United States European Command (HQ USEUCOM) J-4, where the Humanitarian Assistance (HA) Branch synchronizes three distinct Title 10 HA Programs.
Protesters marched along a police-guarded route that took them past the embassies.
They are a common sight in Northwest Washington where they guard the White House and most of the embassies, consulates, and chanceries under their jurisdiction.
NEW YORK -- Hub International Limited (NYSE:HBG) and (TSX:HBG) announced today that it has enhanced its exclusive Embassy Program, providing property and casualty insurance to embassies, consulates and missions to the United Nations in Washington DC and New York City.
The Stockholm building adds to other recent Finnish embassies in Washington (AR October 1994) and Berlin (AR March 2000), neither of which had to respond to such a historically sensitive cultural context, so they did not try to provide the span of references from medieval times to Modernism.
embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, while American and Israeli rescue crews and sniffer dogs took over the hunt for survivors in Nairobi.
civilians working at our other embassies are 20,000 foreign nationals and probably at least that many "contract lines" and personal servants.
4 million of new contracts to provide bullet, blast and attack protection windows and doors for two new embassies.
The embassy has yet to confirm if any of the bullets hit the building where, aside from the acting ambassador, several Japanese diplomats from embassies in neighboring countries work.
Yet the commission reflects a new resolve on the part of the Foreign Office (reflected equally in new embassies for Berlin and Dublin, AR April 1996) to improve the architectural image of Britain abroad.
embassies in Kenya and Tanzania late Friday morning, killing at least 80 people, eight of them Americans, in what U.
CompuDyne has bid on all eight embassies to various general contractors; to date two have been awarded to security contractors, including this one.
In 1937, the area was declared to be a new diplomatic quarter [1] and some of the villas of the rich were converted to embassies.