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a diplomat of the highest rank

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The Welsh Embassador (Cardiff Public Library ms) Author: unknown Includes dramatis personae list Manuscript type: authorial transcript, possibly for performance (1623) Play type: unknown Source: Greg 1931, 279-82 (107)
Almolody Al Shaikh, Director of Training and Research at the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Tunisia, and representative of the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation in the Gulf region Emad Habib, in the presence of Acting Tunisian Embassador to Bahrain Yassin bin Abdulmutaleb.
Summary: Japanese Embassador, Toshiyuki Taga, is meeting with Tunisian Secretary General in charge of American and Asian affairs, Hedi Ben Abbes, today Januaray 25th, to sign a cooperation contract that will provide the Tunisian government the of 358 million Tunisian Dinars (237 million USD) in loans.
Walt Whitman sits here as the deputy of nature, her embassador [sic] accredited and approved.
The next project suggested by the Sri Lankan embassador to Thailand was to turn the Scripture hall into a small exhibition space bearing letters from both countries as a record of the long standing relationship between the two countries.
8/03, Norman Spector, also Jewish and a former Canadian embassador to Israel, accused the CBC of bias in reporting news from the Middle East.
chosen to play Vulcan in Dekker's Welsh Embassador complains that
When this extraordinary female filled the arduous occupations of a soldier and an embassador [sic], her talents, enterprize, and resolution, procured for her distinguished honours.