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  • adj

Synonyms for embarrassing

Synonyms for embarrassing

hard to deal with

causing to feel shame or chagrin or vexation


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But, young man, to you I owe not only an obligation, in common with those you saved this evening on the mountain, but my thanks for your respectable and pious manner in assisting in the service at a most embarrassing moment.
Such and such-like were the reasonings of Sir Thomas, happy to escape the embarrassing evils of a rupture, the wonder, the reflections, the reproach that must attend it; happy to secure a marriage which would bring him such an addition of respectability and influence, and very happy to think anything of his daughter's disposition that was most favourable for the purpose.
He gave another look up to the house, turned his horse's head, and set off like a man who has nothing either annoying or embarrassing in his mind.
It gushes forth like an oil-well, and the sympathetic pour out their sympathy with an abandon that is sometimes embarrassing to their victims.
exclaimed her lively companions; and they all ran to the edge of the balcony, while Fleur-de-Lys, rendered thoughtful by the coldness of her betrothed, followed them slowly, and the latter, relieved by this incident, which put an end to an embarrassing conversation, retreated to the farther end of the room, with the satisfied air of a soldier released from duty.
When we were through, I decided to get myself out of the embarrassing situation and go to the smoking-room, where most of the men were by that time, to see how the land lay.
First, I'll buy the island; next, get forty or fifty recruits and start clearing and planting; and at the same time I'll run up a bungalow; and then you'll be relieved of my embarrassing presence--now don't say that it isn't.
In the meanwhile Emily had broken the silence, before it could lead to embarrassing results, by asking if Alban had seen Mrs.
EMBARRASSING for the Conservatives that David Cameron broke his tax credits election promise.
Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, yes.
Tory MP Jesse Norman fantasises about becoming prime minister "Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, yes.
To call the whole episode a shambles is an understatement, like saying the charge of the light brigade did not achieve all of its objectives" Chancellor George Osborne ridicules Labour's U-turn over the Government's plan requiring future administrations to balance the books "Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, yes.
Eww mom, you're so embarrassing, you need to act your age," Kendall said, adding her most inappropriate comment slowly when she said, "Desperate fu--ing whore" to her mother.
FROM the weird and wacky to the downright bizarre - the Embarrassing Bodies clinic has arrived in Tyneside.
A steady stream of people from across the region visited the Embarrassing Bodies mobile clinic in the hope they can have their minds put at rest over niggling health worries.