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a long artificial mound of stone or earth

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Now, William," she said, "if people see me racing along the Embankment like this they WILL talk.
he exclaimed to himself, striding back along the Embankment.
Rodney stopped and once more began beating a kind of rhythm, as if he were marking a phrase in a symphony, upon the smooth stone balustrade of the Embankment.
I picketed the great embankments thrown up around our lines by the dynamite explosion -- merely a look- out of a couple of boys to announce the enemy when he should appear again.
The wide Embankment which had had room for cannonballs and squadrons, had now shrunk to a cobbled lane steaming with smells of malt and oil and blocked by waggons.
I advise nothing," he interrupted, glancing up and down the Embankment, in case his indiscretion had been overheard.
Footsteps coming down the embankment alarmed him, and he hid the bottle under his hat on the ground between his legs.
That was a gang of changars - the women who have taken all the embankments of all the Northern railways under their charge - a flat-footed, big-bosomed, strong-limbed, blue-petticoated clan of earth-carriers, hurrying north on news of a job, and wasting no time by the road.
Contract notice: highway a10 comfort of an embankment of embankment sens province-paris, between pr 01 + 800 and 01 + 400
2, Gharapjhong Village Municipality, signed a grant agreement to construction of an embankment along the Kali Gandaki River in Marpha, Mustang District.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - The Directorate of Military Engineering of the Popular Crowd started on Tuesday the final phase of the drilling of the border embankment between Iraq and Syria.
Summary: Toll rises to 214 as new areas inundated after Budhi Gandak river breaks its embankment
Talking to the media persons at Bhanoth Embankment, he said that divisional and district administration is ready to face any eventuality during upcoming spell of moon soon and the purpose of his visit was to sensitize the concerned departments to keep them alert.
With growing trends of railroads toward heavier axle loads, higher train speeds, and increasing amount of traffic, higher wheel loads will be exerted on the embankment with more repetition.
Abstract: This paper describes the behavior of reinforced embankments constructed on soft clay subgrade with varying compressible depths, embankment slopes and embankment heights.