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enclose with banks, as for support or protection

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So, in order to comply with the obligations imposed on us by the EU we had to stop dredging and embanking and allow rivers to 'reconnect with their floodplains', as the currently fashionable jargon has it.
they are gon up to my neighbour the Duke of Richmond to see what he is about he has been embanking this two years without either Crowen Grant or asking leave of the City, but I am not so bold as his grace, you never [saw] such a work as he is doing the Wall about ten feet thick
4 bn SBA) and see how reforms are progressing before embanking on a new program.
Functions concerned with this kind of compensation include forestry, water control and embanking, and the protection of main roads against natural danger.
46) Between 1478 and 1500 Sir Richard Guildford was responsible for major works of embanking and land reclamation that eventually produced the new parish of East Guldeford.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing of Multi layer Geomembrane (750 micron) and Geotextile (water resistance, surface protection layer 250 GSM) including excavation of embanking (1 to 1.
Part 2 Booster pump without homokzagy infilling, embanking the amount deposited tE[micro]medekanyag 5000 mA.