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enclose with banks, as for support or protection

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The tone changes drastically as the embanked soldiers come under heavy fire.
If we could attribute to space the qualities of water, then his building is like a dam by means of which space is contained, embanked, tunnelled, sluiced, and finally spilled into the informal gardens alongside the lake.
Caption: Embanked Schutztruppe gunners commanding a view over the flat expanse west of Aus.
But Baghlan Water Management Director Naeem Nawabi said they had embanked 800 meters of the riversides to keep nearby houses from being flooded.
They were vessels, their stone walls embanked by earth.
The area embraces a series of fresh and brackish water lakes, fringed with diverse vegetation; a number of lakes are embanked and have been converted into a larger storage reservoir named Chotiari Reservoir.
Executive project was done in two phases: First phase was used as embankment and earthy dam introduction in three places, head cat, middle and terminal, covering total dam surface of each three places by Geotextile sheet regard overlap and set under gully bed in two side lateral walls of earthy dam, and at last, each of them has been embanked for Stabilization.
It was officially referred to as the Serpentine Ground, and it lay between the Aston to Witton embanked railway line and the large cemetery to the rear of Aston Parish Church.
Given its vast scope, there is little time for the book to pause to appreciate the beauty, and "meaning", of individual monuments: for example, no comment is offered on the inspired design of the kunda at Baroli, in southern Rajasthan, where a running stream was embanked in such a way that while it remained a stream it also became a pond at the same time.
The vibrantly planted embanked earth around the courtyard and building provides shelter and privacy, and a small pavilion creates an outdoor place for conversation or being alone in.
I met Biniso Serumbo a 28-year-old father of three who had fled his flooded home for the higher ground of an embanked road.
In the main, a distinction between road embankments or embanked water distributor channels may have had little meaning in Angkor.
If it goes ahead, it will be the country's largest-ever fully embanked reservoir.
The upper basin features Argiacuoles, which ate typical of low plains prone to flooding and are crossed by embanked creeks and Natralcuoles.
At first there was just one event, a sprint, and visitors can today set foot on the very track, almost 200m long, to imagine a cheering 40,000 crowd embanked on either side.