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preservation (of a dead body) by treating with balsams and drugs and other chemicals

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Why, it is the general custom in Egypt to deprive a corpse, before embalmment, of its bowels and brains; the race of the Scarabaei alone did not coincide with the custom.
It will also have an embalmment school, due to open in December, that will train people to NVQ Level 3 standard in the subject.
Cardboard coffins, for burial in natural green space cemeteries without embalmment or headstones, are cheap, clean, and environmentally friendly.
resolution of the above-mentioned inconsistencies, "abandoning" for instance the idea held by some that the wihhyan is subject to rebirth (185), and arguing for the necessity (with regard to the general process) of the intermediary phase between embalmment and burial or cremation, even if local actors, Robinne concedes, would not express the underlying logics in the same terms (186-187).
tuberregium sclerotia to solve a variety of health problems, ranging from skin diseases to small pox and even in embalmment of bodies [1, 3, 6].