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preserve a dead body

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At the time of the violations, this facility blended, packaged, stored and sold embalming chemicals and other products needed for funerals.
She has since diversified into bereavement counselling and psychotherapy and divides her week between counselling, studying and embalming.
It pays to know the paperwork, mortuary charges (including embalming or autopsy, if needed), transportation cost and other fees to take your body back to home country.
Summary: Dubai [UAE], Feb 27 (ANI): The embalming process of the mortal remains of veteran actor Sridevi on Tuesday was completed and were being taken to the Dubai Airport, according to the UAE media.
One of the most fascinating is how the founding of the modern funeral industry can essentially be traced back to President Abraham Lincoln and his embrace of embalming.
The letter continued: "During a meeting held by him with various airlines, it has been informed that his office would require embalming certificate and death certificate to be submitted by airlines.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Mortuary, Store, Embalming room and Corridor Pathway including dismantling and demolishing of damaged and decayed embalming Structure at Anatomy Block at MAMC in connection with Additional/Alteration to MAMC New Delhi
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 22 May 2017: A total of 56 pottery vessels that contains the embalming material of Ebi were discovered in Luxor by University of Alcala's mission from Spain in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities, the Ministry announced on Sunday.
These days, however, several Department of Health-accredited institutions offer an embalming course which has seen its enrollment rise in recent years.
The contaminants are caused largely by embalming fluids - including formaldehyde - a class one carcinogenic toxin.
Grieving townspeople fill out the cast, and the bagged bodies in the embalming room are the morbid props.
The find pushes back the use of embalming agents to about 1,500 years earlier than previously thought, well before the pharaohs and pyramids.
Christianity generally allows for embalming; traditional Jewish law forbids embalming or cremation; and for Muslims who follow Sharia law, because the corpse must be buried as soon as possible after death, embalming and cremation are forbidden.
In a statement released yesterday, the Co-Op insisted the lack of embalming was not fraudulent, and was keen to stress that nobody had benefited financially from the mix-up.
Fire investigators believe a chemical reaction caused by embalming oils used on Tutankhamun's mummy sparked the blaze.