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preserve a dead body

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Eventually, every American could be embalmed, as most are today.
You can bring the bodies embalmed in Abu Dhabi to Sharjah, but not from Dubai.
There are very few known examples of Confederate dead being embalmed as the Confederate Army was stretched thin at the best of times keeping the living going, and could not worry about care of the dead.
Recounting one of his more memorable achievements as an embalmer, Winston van der Kemp recalled how a Sudanese migrant whom he had embalmed was retrieved by the family a year later:
Nonetheless, cremating embalmed remains would release a larger quantity of formaldehyde into the air.
He suggested to officials, both British and French, that the Princess had to be embalmed to make her "presentable" for guests, including Prince Charles, Diana's sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale and French President Jacques Chirac, who were on their way to Paris to view the body.
It will tell us about the religious plants and herbs used by ancient Egyptians, what they wore, how they wove it, how they embalmed the dead," she said.
Indeed, ``Mirrormask'' often feels embalmed by art direction and needless exposition.
Even in Los Angeles, Herms has been largely ignored as a potential influence on Mike Kelley's saliva-stained stuffed toys, Jason Meadows's animalistic abstractions, or Jedediah Caesar's geodes of studio debris embalmed in resin.
The result is that some wards in Tokyo have already passed edicts stating that for all victims of homicides and suicides, the bodies must be embalmed so as to preserve key evidence until the police are finished with their investigations.
Mr Neveu said the documents needed are a medical or death certificate, a mortuary pass and an embalming certificate if the person has been embalmed.
He was embalmed (prepared for mummification) inside and out with an arsenic solution.
Bodies can be kept cool until burial rather than being embalmed, and cemeteries require vaults only to prevent soil settling and facilitate grass mowing.