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preserve a dead body

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The charges come in the wake of the discovery of two coffins containing the embalmed bodies of an elderly married couple.
The man who embalmed Diana, Princess of Wales, yesterday said he regretted not waiting to get the official written go-ahead.
Their embalmed bodies were discovered in coffins in the basement of a deserted shop on Friday.
Miami firm Robles Law Centre filed the class action lawsuit this week in a Broward County court on behalf of widower Jeffrey Post and any other families whose relatives' bodies may also have been embalmed against their wishes.
D'Angelo, ``Voodoo'' (Cheeba Sounds/Virgin): With sheets of warm multitracked vocals recalling Marvin Gaye and Al Green, an intricate mix featuring jazz musicians in key roles and plenty of seductive swampy atmosphere, balmy crooner D'Angelo proved contemporary r&b doesn't have to feel embalmed, even if it was five years in the making.
By evoking an erotics of consumption that had somehow been embalmed, the piece served as a pointed introduction to the rest of the exhibit.
Jett's body is to be embalmed at Restview Memorial mortuary in the Bahamas.
But analysis of a Peruvian mummy dating back to 1200 reveals it was embalmed with tree resin from a relative of the Monkey-Puzzle, only found in New Guinea.
The dead are not embalmed but washed and wrapped in three layers of white shroud.
This job he got thanks to his father, Boris Zbarsky, who was among the team of scientists th at first embalmed Lenin's corpse and kept working in the mausoleum until his arrest in 1952.
Ashley Bickerton's Seascape: Floating costume to drift for eternity, 1991, was a lifeboat made of fiberglass, webbing glass, and an embalmed Christian Dior suit.
Mr Moss said after he was alerted he went to the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital where Diana's body was embalmed.
Heavily embalmed, the corpse can be used in the classroom for long stretches without the need for refrigeration or special storage, King said.
Zlamany seems to be coming at the legacy of Modernist self-referentiality by altogether different means--by depicting dead beings in a dead language, frozen images of living selves embalmed in a hardened, frozen style.
THE man who embalmed Diana, Princess of Wales, yesterday admitted he made a mistake by not waiting for an official go-ahead.