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neutering a male animal by removing the testicles

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employed thousands of people in the South-East, was currently being targeted for emasculation.
We deplore the emasculation of the BBC's coverage which, if this latest round of cuts is forced through, will make its claim to be a public service broadcaster risible.
But the regular effects of Israeli policy include the emasculation of anyone who, like Abbas, might help make that goal a reality.
He Was A Quiet Man (15) Christian Slater becomes an accidental hero in black comedy about white collar alienation and emasculation.
This appropriation distorts the likely reality of the berdache, which Gutierrez argues was a forced emasculation that could have been performed on the captured leader of an opposing tribe.
Despite the five weeks of talks over the summer, during which the CWU suspended strike action, it seems to me that Royal Mail's tactics aim for nothing less than the emasculation of the union leaving a totally flexible workforce which they can control.
Tonight, the guys try to rectify Gracen's feelings of emasculation when his wife buys a $400 toaster.
I am writing to Esprit de Corps to ask if anyone has ever written about the emasculation of our present and recent ministers of National Defence.
Scripted in reaction to contemporary concerns, Outlaw has serious and sobering points to make about the emasculation of modern society, the threat of violence in our everyday lives and fears about crumbling law and order.
Outlaw has serious points to make about the emasculation of modern society, the threat of violence in our lives and fears about crumbling law and order.
Those negatives are offset by the polished cast and nifty little flourishes, from an intern who botches a procedure earning the nickname "007" (as in "license to kill") to Izzie laboring to be taken seriously to George wrestling with emasculation when he's dispatched to buy tampons.
RE: Europe's latest attempt at the emasculation of Great Britain.
Even bell hooks (whose analysis of black manhood Marra curiously cites in support of her view) offers a caveat to such a blind assumption when she notes that "it must be emphasized that the black men who are most worried about castration and emasculation are those who have completely absorbed white patriarchial definitions of masculinity.
With the repeal of the financial provisions of the 1947 Act there began an emasculation of planning that led directly to the high-rise solution of the housing problem, and this was given respectability on the grounds that it would re-establish cities in their original form.
1935) tested the use of hot water emasculation, as described by Stephens and Quinby (1933), but there was insufficient evidence to determine the success of the method.