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neutering a male animal by removing the testicles

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The clearest, and most often cited, examples from the first half of this century are the boxing phenoms Jack Johnson and Joe Louis, both of whom personified black hypermasculinity as a means to resist the emasculation of racism, their prowess in the ring reinforced by widely circulated images of the two men shirtless and intimidatingly muscular.
have suggested that nothing less than an emasculation of the City Council is in order during the course of charter reform.
You will be indulging in improvement by emasculation.
With the representation of Bannie, Sarah Wright takes on white women's complicit role in the emasculation of black men and the exploitation of white women for the economic gain of white men.
They were knowingly embarking on the emasculation of the most successful pension system in the world.
Thus, Edgar Wideman's distance not merely from John but also the entire family is part of a larger history of emasculation.
Clare already has a recognisable table but in a scene of utter emasculation I can't seem to get mine up.
The 1890s, the decade that Nathaniel Dodson, Owen's father, established himself in New York, marked the dismantling of the economic and political power which blacks had amassed during Reconstruction and culminated in the legal emasculation of the black male.
The dominance of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, spiralling costs, technology's marching emasculation of the skills of the driver.
For African-American males, whose history is filled with centuries of debasing emasculation, it would be uncomfortable to see - let alone accept - a brother who chooses to spread his cheeks for another (possibly white) man.
This prompts critic Melvin Dixon to go so far as to argue that the trickster qualities of Julius overcome the black slave's usual emasculation at the hands of his white master, and enable Julius to effect a "symbolic seduction" of the narrator's wife Annie; John's impotency, Dixon continues, is also reflected in "the vocabulary of John's tradition," while Julius's language possesses both vitality and sensuality (193-94).
In a move which the combative Bates will view as the equivalent of emasculation, Kenyon axed his infamous programme column which the chairman has used as a personal platform to avenge himself on his critics for more than two decades.
It's amazing what a bit of emasculation can do to the male psyche.
Men who fear emasculation should stay clear of this film.