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(of a male animal) having the testicles removed


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The principal reason for the latest defeat is the way the party has been emasculated in the last year.
Izindaba's Chris Bateman, fascinated by Pillay's unusual boldness in a climate where administrative chiefs tend to keep their heads down and leave the politicians to make excuses, reports on how he came within a hair's breadth of resigning in early June this year, functionally emasculated by politicians who contributed to the disenchantment of the Pretoria supplementary clean-up squad.
The chairman may now revert to his favoured two-tiered management system, with a director of football and an emasculated coach.
I just think that we were telling stories that emasculated the character," the Daily Express quoted him as telling the Guardian.
The latest Chinese dynasty, the Communist variety, has emasculated Tibet and caused untold suffering amongst its own people.
The Lib-Dems seemed destined to repeat the consequences of a previous Liberal dalliance of coalition/ national government with the Tories - a select few retain government power with the main party becoming an emasculated irrelevance.
Society's failure to recognize that castration is still common adds to the stigma of those who are emasculated for medical reasons.
In the case of Parliament and the local authority, I suspect, our elected representatives have been so emasculated they need to find themselves a role as the hybrid.
Flowers that were bagged but not emasculated set viable fruit in the majority of cases, which demonstrates that this species is self-compatible.
Emasculated by a losing run that had lasted longer than the Cesarewitch, he put just pounds 2 on 29 and split the rest between neighbouring numbers.
When she and Elizabeth and Domingo investigate, they snag a very dead local named Bernie Marble who had been disemboweled and emasculated.
Thus, Janet Flanner reminds us, sterile, weak, and emasculated France was "repopulated, and indeed, rearmed, to music.
Instead, legend records that a British princess emasculated (and killed) Mundzuk, father of Attila, on a wedding bed.
Mom position already makes him feel emasculated enough.
Worst of all, Americans had become too narcissistic, emasculated, antisocial, and self-absorbed to do anything about it.