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(of a male animal) having the testicles removed


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If you can deal with me this way it means the authority of Parliament is emasculated.
has emasculated the war on terror in this region,' he was quoted as saying in an interview with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a major American financial newspaper.
Never mind she's embarrassed and emasculated Steven by telling the world she no longer wants him sexually.
She said: "These matters largely stem from a feeling of being emasculated by the loss of his employment and the difficult financial circumstances facing the family.
The country has now become a police state characterised by disappearances and assassination of dissenting voices and emasculated state institutions," Machar said.
The CPS has consequently been emasculated by these staff cuts.
It is delicious and resilient and affordable, which is all that foodnot the aerated, sous-vided, emasculated creations concocted solely to amuse bored palates but the hearty stuff you can toss on the hot plate on Thursday night and turn to come Saturday afternoon for a sustaining mealshould be.
The upshot, however, is the sadistic expression of sexually repressed adults in which the boys are partly emasculated as a form of discipline that would permit them entry into a society of equally partly emasculated men.
One is a high-yielding crop," says Breidy, pointing to the emasculated head.
She may not have entirely emasculated the trade union movement but she certainly emasculated the Labour Party.
But luckily Zoe seems to be made of stern stuff, branding the bullies "chauvinistic, pig-headed blokes who feel emasculated by the fact that we are stronger than them".
Izindaba's Chris Bateman, fascinated by Pillay's unusual boldness in a climate where administrative chiefs tend to keep their heads down and leave the politicians to make excuses, reports on how he came within a hair's breadth of resigning in early June this year, functionally emasculated by politicians who contributed to the disenchantment of the Pretoria supplementary clean-up squad.
The chairman may now revert to his favoured two-tiered management system, with a director of football and an emasculated coach.
I just think that we were telling stories that emasculated the character," the Daily Express quoted him as telling the Guardian.
The latest Chinese dynasty, the Communist variety, has emasculated Tibet and caused untold suffering amongst its own people.