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having a notched tip

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11 am to 19 pm, with a weak odor, strongly downwardly secund at anthesis (in lateral braches) to divergent (in the terminal branch), densely arranged, 42-43 mm long (not including the stamens); pedicels stout, 5-6 mm long, 7-8 mm in diameter at the apex, green, glabrous; sepals elliptic, apex obtuse and slightly emarginate, 27-28 x 13 mm, inconspicuously white-lepidote inside, glabrous outside, free, ecarinate, yellow, distinctly convex, thinly coriaceous toward the apex, thick at the base; petals narrowly elliptic, apex narrowly emarginate, 35 x 13-14 mm, yellow, erect to slightly suberect and forming a tubular corolla ca.
Male metasternum with posterior margin bearing a single broad posteromedial process, this process slightly expanded distally, angling downward and resting against genital capsule, posterior border broadly concave, emarginate, forming a downward curved lip bearing numerous parallel vertical striae (Fig.
broadly emarginate and apiculate), pollen biporate (vs.
9): branchiostegals 5, first branchiostegal small, thin, and attached to ventral surface of narrow portion of ceratohyal, following three branchiostegals blade-like in appearance and attached at ventrolateral surface of broad portion of ceratohyal; posteriormost branchiostegal broadest, articulating with ventral surface of epihyal; basihyal broad, spatulate, slightly emarginate, with only posterior third ossified (Fig.
Nasce una improbabile storia tra due persone offese ed emarginate.
Fruits obovate with emarginate apex and cuneate base, 13-18 mm high, 8-10.
He also gave a brief diagnosis for Pseudanthias: "Pseudanthias Bleeker scales medium to large; jaws with some canines; vomer and palatines toothed; tongue edentate; snout and lower jaw scaly; preopercle serrate; dorsal fin not or little notched, spines 10; pectoral rays divided; caudal slightly emarginate or incised; branchiostegals 7.
1), sometimes extending beyond base of AI; eyes very large, round, occupying dorsal 2/3 to 3/4 of head, moderately emarginate anteriorly (Fig.
with the basically rounded apex in Panke becoming emarginate or deeply
2) transverse, anterior margin distinctly emarginate, with 2 lateral sensilla and about 8 macrosetae present on each side of midline; [beta]- and [gamma]-sensillum short, [alpha]-sensillum about as long as [epsilon]-sensillum.
In una seconda rase, quando Stuart Hall divenne direttore del Centro, prevalsero gli interessi sociologici e in particolare il recupero delle culture emarginate o sommerse.
12 apart) frontally and behind vertex; strongly emarginate near ocelli and recurved to produce rather deep concavity behind vertex; sparsely obscurely hairy.
Diagnosis: Body with strong bluish gloss; eye emarginate at middle of posterior margin; lower calypter white, with whitish border; male fore tarsi entirely black; mid femur with 1 or 2 setae near base.