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Synonyms for emancipator

someone who frees others from bondage


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43) It is at this point that we begin to see how Lincoln's legal practice affirmatively impacted him to become the "Great Emancipator," "savior of the union, "Honest Abe," and yet remain the "railsplitting frontiersman.
More important to Seward, no doubt, was Stanton's promise to publish the Virginia correspondence in a forthcoming edition of the Emancipator.
The Great Emancipator Daniel O'Connell built the Goldenbridge cemetery because Catholics in Dublin were not allowed to have religious burial services.
The popular portrayals of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator, the Great Commoner and the Savior of the Union are not lies, says Mr.
He shared with his deceased father an early passion for the Great Emancipator and used it to turn on Lincoln's prosecution of the Civil War in what remains his most controversial major work, Patriotic Gore.
But in the venerable tradition of malting all great men robustly heterosexual, almost every biographer of the great emancipator has ignored, suppressed, or distorted the abundant evidence that Lincoln was at the very least bisexual in his feelings--and probably in his acts.
He returned to Britain to ride his own horse Emancipator to finish third in the Grand Military Gold Cup in 1938 before falling at Becher's second time round in Battleship's Grand National.
He dismisses the emancipator as a "white supremacist all his life" (p.
71) The Emancipator & Republican reminded its readers that "[t]he excitement of the Northern people is not the offspring of an exclusive sympathy with the black man.
The United States was supposed to be the emancipator, but instead it simply lorded over a people for whom it had little regard.
After the Civil War, newly freed blacks flocked to the GOP because it was the party of Abraham Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator.
Miller perceives that there is a connection between Lincoln's unwillingness to denounce his opponents as evil and the currently vexed question of whether Lincoln was a racist and therefore unworthy of our usual adulation as the Great Emancipator.
Yes,Mr Thompson may think he is the great emancipator of men's workwear,but I do not have space in my brain to think about what clothes I wear to work.
But during the long decades that followed that meeting, years that saw Castro transformed from the hemisphere's great emancipator into one of its last old-style caudillos and tyrants, and Vargas Llosa from a literary wunderkind and left-wing firebrand into the eminence grise of Latin American neoliberalism, a good many memorable examples of the Latin American dictator novel were published to considerable acclaim.