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Synonyms for emancipator

someone who frees others from bondage


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Emancipator also called on the agency to provide clear guidance on how it intends to exercise its powers to act in cases of Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or practices.
A social reformer, a champion of human rights and an emancipator of the downtrodden masses of India, Ambedkar dedicated his life to awakening the social conscience of modern India.
His topics are uncertainty: a clash of images, awakening: coming of age in Springfield, enlightenment: keeping afloat in the era of Know Nothings, wisdom: Whig in the White House, and certainty: the great emancipator or the great egalitarian.
The spirit of the Great Emancipator pervades that South African novel, a precursor to Nelson Mandela's leadership.
Synopsis: As "Savior of the Union" and the "Great Emancipator," Abraham Lincoln has been lauded for his courage, wisdom, and moral fiber.
That cryptic remark about treating the deranged was the last comment from the Great Emancipator that Dr.
Grey plays the main role, he is an emancipator of experimentation for Anastasia Steele.
AtatE-rk was described in Time magazine (March 1923) as follows: "He stands today as the Emancipator of Turkey.
These processes keep those to be emancipated "dependent upon the intervention of the emancipator, an intervention based upon a knowledge that is fundamentally inaccessible to the one to be emancipated" (Bingham & Biesta, 2010, p.
A companion book for young adults to the film Lincoln, this volume explores the complex relationship President Lincoln had with slavery and his path to becoming the Great Emancipator.
The Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, was known to be the emancipator of women.
And this penny is not just any coin - it was minted in 1909, when the Lincoln design was first instituted on the 100th anniversary of the Great Emancipator.
Fazaullah Qureshi, former Federal Secretary, Planning Division, projected Sufi Shah Inayat as an economist and humanity emancipator and said that Sindh had always resisted against the evil forces and rulers and this Sufi saint was a classic example of it.
In tracing Lincoln's early beliefs--or distressing lack thereof--and the changes wrought in Lincoln's beliefs through experience and exposure, Foner adds considerable inflection to the portrait of Lincoln as the mythical "Great Emancipator.
The apes are finally fed up and Caesar, smarter than all the rest, becomes their emancipator and ring leader.