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tending to set free

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In order to do that, I will try to frame her work around what I call the emancipative unseen.
In this paper, we are using the cases of four Central Asian Republics (CARs) to examine our central question which addresses the influence of Islam on the formation of emancipative social capital, or self-assertive collective participation in mass political action.
Welzel and Inglehart (2009) explicitly pointed out that Islam tends to depress people's emancipative values.
7) For our purposes, the salient endogenous socioeconomic and cultural factors and forces include the following: economic development, national wealth, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, and income; level of human and social capital, population homogeneity, an educated population with a large middle class, and a civil society and civic culture demonstrating human empowerment and emancipative values; and the presence of a "modernizing bourgeoisie" as posited by sociologist Barrington Moore.
In her description she recognizes the emancipative characteristics of her sisters and explains the relevance of a theoretical frame for the self-labeling as feminist.
I do not want to say that there are no emancipative moments of digital media whatsoever.
His research focuses on human empowerment, emancipative values, cultural change and democratization.
Despite the show's seemingly apolitical self-referentiality in presenting the technical preparations for a play that is never staged, Delgado-Garcia stressed the production's potential for disrupting the performers' and spectators' habitus during performance, thus effecting an emancipative political intervention by dismantling normative identity discourses and cultural practices.
The rise in emancipative values makes the Sudanese judge their regime more and more on the basis of their legitimacy.
These rules, together with competition as an overarching principle, had to be imposed as a political direction tool to enhance the functioning of the economic order (26)--that is, to prevent market failures due to the pursuit of individual strategies, (27) both for economic and emancipative purposes.
9) In accord with Foucauldian concepts about the relationship between social power and disursive practices, FCDA further intends to identify how repressive regimes can also provide emancipative sites of resistance.
The present study attempts to avoid the well-known conceptual trajectory (be it biological of Greek genesis, of the Amazons, or the materialist individualist feminism, of the "great revolution" associated with the 19th century dome, or even, the radical feminism during 1967-1975, with the entire constellation brought about by the concretization of a paradisiacal model of social-matriarchal society), reaffirming these cultural-creative feminisms, beyond the gains of the feminist epistemology, within Habermas' critical and emancipative niche modus: the world can be known and "exposed" through language.
Bilateral and multilateral development agencies as well as INGOs and even intergovernmental regional organisations within Africa continue to believe in the emancipative power of community media, and of community radio in particular.
This redefinition of Western reason can now be extended beyond the limits envisioned by Foucault, widened into a geophilosophical destruction of transcendentalism and pushed forward into an emancipative topological vitalism.
Emancipative value change has taken place in Israel.