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tending to set free

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s (2005) frame of emancipative social capital theory, this study probes the following questions: To what extent does variation in attachments to spiritual Islam (as a way of life), as well as politically motivated Islamism, help explain the likelihood of elite-challenging collective protests?
See also Ronald Inglehart, Hans-Dieter Klingemann, and Christian Welzel, "The Theory of Human Development: A CrossCultural Analysis," European Journal of Political Research 42 (2003), 341-379; Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel, "The Role of Ordinary People in Democratization," Journal of Democracy 19 (2008), 126-40; Christian Welzel, "Democratization as an Emancipative Process," European Journal of Political Research 45 (2006), 871-896.
Beyond the traditional empirical and phenomenological inquiry reflective of technical and interpretive modes of rationality, analytical and normative-based scholarship address questions that examine and promote emancipative action (Brown & Paolucci, 1978).
Putting aside the question of which paradigm could better serve the emancipative goals of Italian political thought, and purposely overlooking the epistemological warfare among Lacanian post-structuralism and Adornian marxism, Deleuzian gauchisme and Spinozian autonomism, Derridean deconstructionism and Foucauldian biopolitics, I will conclude my commentary by recalling an important concept, at the center of Italian thought since the late Seventies, the "unpolitical.
Both libertarian (modern, emancipative, or self-expression) values and higher levels of psychological involvement may enhance one's willingness to engage in direct forms of political participation, such as protest behavior.
Finally, this essay illustrates how normative or emancipative social justice theories, types of which Popper would reject on principle because they are not scientific, can nonetheless provide a basis for empirical investigation for purposes of knowledge building in a way that Popper would in all likelihood approve.
At the very least, Jesus' kingdom preaching and its intensification through his resurrection make it clear that one of God's intents is to promote human flourishing, through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and through the emancipative power of the Word of God that the Church is committed to make known in all cultural contexts.
This 'impulse' is not so much an essential dimension of the species being, as Bakunin believed, bur rather a kind of radical emancipative imaginary, and an ethics that continues to raise the problem of authority, unmasking its claims to legitimacy, rationality, and inevitability.
In general, however, a discrepancy exists between the rejection of water privatization and the willingness to act against it in an emancipative way.
In this way Fosca, although no overt declaration of Italian feminism (or "emancipazionismo," as it was known), can be seen as cultivating a sensitivity for emancipative ideals.
The politics of difference and identity views human rights as having not just an emancipative potential but also a repressive one.
In the late sixties, the practical critics in Nicolae Manolescu's generation rediscovered once more the anti-dogmatic, emancipative potential of Lovinescu's project, but coupled it with the analytic discipline of the new theories of the text.
At the same time, it is important to look at the possibility for a non-party consensual democracy, but having at the back of the mind, the argument by Ramose (1999:130), that it may be "simply wishful thinking to pretend that contemporary Africa can just ignore this alien cultural experience and proceed with the search for an emancipative epistemological paradigm.
Therefore, the SPLM-DC calls upon the Sudanese people of all backgrounds to vigorously involve themselves in this emancipative undertaking for the sake of our people and country.
What remains distinctive in the overall Stonian pragmatist reading of jurisprudence is the emancipative potential.