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Synonyms for emancipation

Synonyms for emancipation

the state of not being in confinement or servitude

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freeing someone from the control of another

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The use of symbols has a certain power of emancipation and exhilaration for all men.
This emancipation is dear to all men, and the power to impart it, as it must come from greater depth and scope of thought, is a measure of intellect.
I found that this man had made a contract with his master, two or three years previous to the Emancipation Proclamation, to the effect that the slave was to be permitted to buy himself, by paying so much per year for his body; and while he was paying for himself, he was to be permitted to labour where and for whom he pleased.
The most distinct thing that I now recall in connection with the scene was that some man who seemed to be a stranger (a United States officer, I presume) made a little speech and then read a rather long paper--the Emancipation Proclamation, I think.
He wrote a pamphlet on Malt on returning to England (for he was an ambitious man, and always liked to be before the public), and took a strong part in the Negro Emancipation question.
Excuse me," Sergey Ivanovitch interposed with a smile, "self-interest did not induce us to work for the emancipation of the serfs, but we did work for it.
Konstantin Levin broke in with still greater heat; "the emancipation of the serfs was a different matter.
This is, no doubt, the case; noble instances of pecuniary and personal sacrifice have already had their growth among them; and it is much to be regretted that the gulf between them and the advocates of emancipation should have been widened and deepened by any means: the rather, as there are, beyond dispute, among these slave-owners, many kind masters who are tender in the exercise of their unnatural power.
Subsequently, it transformed the whole world, by inspiring millions of other victims of oppression in their quest for liberty, a movement that resulted in a crescendo of abolitions and emancipation most notably in America and Europe, and independence of African nations around the world.
When you consider that more than a half million slaves came within Union lines and 200,000 African Americans fought in the Civil War, this should dispel the widely held notion that blacks were bystanders in the struggle for their emancipation.
Forever free; the story of Emancipation & Reconstruction.
Called the Emancipation Oak and located on the grounds at Hampton University, the live oak (Quercus virginiana) marks the spot where the Emancipation Proclamation was first read to local slaves by African American educator Mary Peak.
In Los Angeles County, there are an estimated 900 beds available for emancipated foster youth through private and county-run transitional housing facilities that are scattered throughout Los Angeles and a few sprinkled in the Antelope Valley, said Rhelda Shabazz, division chief of emancipation services for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.
Harris notes, for example, that prior to final emancipation in 1827, New York held the largest urban slave population outside of the South.
Strangely, after the war and emancipation the space was reconstructed into two separate balconies, and blacks were no longer allowed even in a segregated section.