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Synonyms for emancipated

Synonyms for emancipated

free from traditional social restraints


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Winter, 19, was emancipated from her mother in 2015 after abuse allegations.
Winter's older sister, Shanelle Gray, became her legal guardian after being emancipated.
State law mandates that parents can only be ordered to contribute to the college costs of children who are not emancipated.
Ranciere is critical of this logic of emancipation because in this mode of thinking, "the ones to be emancipated remain dependent upon the 'truth' or 'knowledge' revealed to them by the emancipator," and thus it creates "a fundamental dependency" (p.
Calloway looked in her new daughter's eyes and saw other emancipated youth who just need that extra push to realize dreams that seemed out of reach.
She was an emancipated black slave spending her final years in a 'poor house" on the outskirts of Tripoli.
He maintained that great personalities like Quaid are born in centuries and it was the good fortune of Muslims of the subcontinent that they had a visionary leader who emancipated them from the clutches of slavery and gave them a truly independent and free motherland.
Popovska said there were many emancipated women in Macedonia participating in the public life, politics, and the NGO and business sectors and that she did not believe at all that anyone wished to deny them these rights.
On May 24, committee member Melina Buncome of Jacksonville attended the Senior Awards Night at Creekside to present the first-place award for their video on the new responsibilities and consequences of an emancipated minor.
As a follow-up to The Future of the Image, The Emancipated Spectator takes a different approach to this attempted liberation.
In this case, the landlocked Coho Salmon in Rifle Lake responded to spill at Mossyrock Dam and passed downstream into Mayfield Lake, and many of these fish (hereafter emancipated Coho Salmon) were eventually observed in the collection facility at Mayfield Dam.
Today, organisations and individuals across the globe are striving for the equality and emancipation of women; and if you randomly ask any woman if she is emancipated, the answer you are likely to get is a brave yes.
Party sources tell Lajm that "if the PM position is given to Albanians, this would show the world that there are no interethnic problems in Macedonia and that Macedonians are an emancipated nation.
The authors do not point out the complex political situation behind the case: that the kidnapping occurred, and could only have occurred, in the Papal states where Jews were not emancipated and the Church exercised civil jurisdiction, that emancipated Jews elsewhere in Italy (Piedmont) tried to intercede, and that Jews in most German states were themselves not fully emancipated at the time (1858).
Liu (2003) explains that in a social representation a hegemonic face there exist the themata, as well as emancipated and controversial views.