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Synonyms for emanation

Synonyms for emanation

something that is emitted or radiated (as a gas or an odor or a light, etc

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the act of emitting

(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

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Rather, Plotinus anticipates Iamblichus and Proclus in viewing matter as an accidental byproduct of the emanation process or as the image of intelligible matter at a lower level.
The second type emerges when the mathematician al-Tusi tries to solve a philosophical question: the emanation of the multiplicity.
Sankara's commentary mentions two different views: the division of Vasudeva into four vyuhas and the successive emanation from Vasudeva to Aniruddha.
To my view the most interesting part of the book is chapter 6 (with chapter 9 of the second part connected to it) that deals with Marsilio Ficino's astrological theory of emanation as applied to poetical inspiration and to the concept of genius as "daemon geniturae.
In this concept, a high-energy X-ray machine illuminates the baggage, and a sensitive detector array measures the emanation that results.
Similarly, following designation, there is a possibility that other public law requirements may apply, including requirements pursuant to: Flood Re being an emanation of the State for pure~ UK law purposes, especially Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998; Flood Re being an emanation of the State for EU law purposes, including direct effect: EU public procurement law and compliance with the UK Public Contract Regulations SI 2006/5 (as amended); EU state aid law; Environmental Information Directive (2003/4/EC) and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 requirements; administrative and accountability requirements pursuant to government administrative policy, including principles within Managing Public Money.
1, as well as emanation of radioactive gases caused by nuclear fission, commission officials said.
This brief (Yale University) paper concerns radium (Ra) in the environment and its role in environmental radon (Rn) emanation.
emanation and growth, the emanation of appearances from the principle of life, and conjointness and harmony of these appearances), is a trait of the Arab mentality and a trait of the institutions which crystallize this mentality.
Was it the Emanator or the bastard of the emanation coming from his lungs?
process theism and Hegel) and beyond pre-modern forms of love as overflow and emanation (neo-Platonic) into love now understood as sheer excess and transgression.
But as in the evening-length Baseball, also presented (together with a mixed bill, which I didn't see) during this New York season, Pendleton waters down often-brilliant theatrical conceits by presenting them in a relentless, yet chopped-up, emanation of ingenuity.
The vision within of a radiance of blazing intensity, and the vision of an emanation of rays that convey over, whelmingly a feeling of love and equanimity--this is something attested to throughout the centuries by both religious historians and lay people.
Despite al-Kindi's use of Neoplatonic terminology picked up from Plotinus, including allusions to emanation, he rejects the concept of emanation, in that he maintains God's creative action as willful.
David Burrell presents a fine summary of Aquinas's metaphysical account of creation, noting his transformation of the Platonic ideas of emanation and participation.