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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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The Boorish Parrot' - are identified as a person who sends abusive or inappropriate emails and fails to understand why others get upset by them and 'The Night Owl' - the midnight emailer, who fails to understand that others do wish to have 'time out'.
This, she elaborates, shows you the address that the link is actually going to--and not what the emailer wants you to see.
Large environmental emailers saw a 31 percent increase when measured separately, while public affairs major emailers experienced a 1 percent decline.
Callers, emailers and texters to TV and radio shows competed to condemn the chief Con after we exposed his reckless bike-riding.
This effectively puts them in the category of junk emailers, and associating them with a rising tide of spam, and growing consumer concerns over the security of their personal records.
55 at Lingfield yesterday, with Matt Doyle and Mark Johnson in one corner and Tony Ennis and a whole host of unhappy emailers in the other.
The IDC figures reflect increasing end-user preference for devices such as smartphones and emailers that have all the personal information management (PIM) features of the traditional PDA, but also can be used as phones and potentially receive mobile email.
Amstrad said the average revenues generated from its Emailers in December total led pounds 22, 000 a day, mainly from emails, web surfing and the downloading of ringtones.
By placing a user-friendly interface on top of Windows, FamilyMail lets seniors and other first-time computer users become emailers immediately, without having to learn even the basics of computer literacy.
CSRI also talks about volume emailers putting down financial bonds on their reputations as responsible emailers, compliant with industry-set guidelines.
Mild electronic shocks administered via the keyboard to notoriously verbose emailers could nip this problem right in the bud.
Finally, to stay connected, customers can sign up online to receive free, weekly showtime emailers that contain online coupons for discounts at the concession stand and other weekly special offers.
Consumers in doubt should call electric companies directly to verify account status; avoid giving financial or personal information to unsolicited callers or emailers
Since 1990, INFOCUS Marketing has dramatically increased the revenue of over 150 national trade associations and professional organizations by marketing and renting their membership and conference attendee lists to approved industry suppliers and direct marketing mailers and emailers.
The sector-wide average was pulled down significantly by major emailers.