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Synonyms for emaciation

extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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Initially the animal is bright and alert, with a good appetite, no fever and profuse diarrhoea (with bubbles) leading to progressive emaciation, weakness and dehydration with recumbency and eventual death.
After reading the portions of the death certificate listing cardiac arrest, pneumonia, maramus (progressive emaciation caused by lack of food) and congenital myotonic dystrophy, Cady said that it was not the disease but Lindsay's parents who were responsible for her death.
Her death certificate listed pneumonia and maramus - progressive emaciation caused by a lack of food - as contributing factors.
Lindsay's death certificate lists pneumonia and marasmus - progressive emaciation caused by a lack of food - as contributing factors.
Of WNV positive birds, nonspecific signs of illness were the most common clinical findings, particularly in red-tailed hawks; signs included dehydration (n = 20), emaciation (n = 18), and depression (n = 15).
Investigations get under way into the owner but the initial concern is whether Suzy's state of emaciation means she will have to be put down.
The question is an important one because, if people stop asking it, there is a grave danger of emaciation in the wallets of unscrupulous doctors and the bank accounts of opportunist publishers - both of whom have grown unhealthily fat on selling books to people who want to see less of themselves.
6%) had one or more signs compatible with WN virus (8), such as emaciation, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, cardiac or pericardial lesions, or possible signs of encephalitis (Table).
All have similar symptoms that can include rapid or open-mouth breathing, foaming or drooling at the mouth, coughing, ulcers or sores in the mouth, diarrhea, weakness and emaciation.
Her death certificate listed marasmus or progressive emaciation and pneumonia as causes.
The signs included emaciation, weakness, and dyspnea with variable enlargement of the lymph nodes of the head, neck, and axilla.
Gross lesions included mild-to-moderate emaciation and severely enlarged and mottled pale livers and spleens.
The horse had suffered a muscle breakdown, caused by prolonged emaciation.
The vet believed the severe emaciation would have taken at least two weeks to develop, if not significantly longer.
Hayley's pregnancy came as a surprise as she had suffered from anorexia since she was 11 and had gone without a period for four years because of her emaciation.