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usually good-naturedly mischievous


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Gimli's only contribution is to identify the hand that wrote the Elvish characters, and he bases this deduction on his personal knowledge of his kinsman Ori, not on his paleographic learning.
It includes the inscription in Elvish - the language created by Tolkien and used by some of his characters in the world of Middle Earth where he set his fantasy tales.
Lakota, Elvish -- two kinds of Elvish -- Dwarvish, Arabic, French, Danish, Russian,'' he listed.
The story starts out with Artimus, an elvish investigator who is looking into a string of kidnappings, but the investigation soon escalates when he finds the cause of these kidnappings is much more serious than expected.
his life developing, especially its Elvish languages.
Denny's website and social channels will continue the journey with a variety of film-inspired games, activities and a series of "Elvish Made Easy" social posts showing fans how to perfect the Elvish language.
With all the prosthetics and sinister costume, Eccleston looks the part and he sounds it too since much of his dialogue is delivered in a doom-laden, made-up Elvish.
The very word ainur is a cognate of aina, the Elvish word for "holy," making the Ainur a collection of "holy" spirits (Sil.
But unlike Elvish, Welsh is very much a living, breathing language.
Janet: @caitlinmoran: it's Elvish Presley @kirstykins: five gold stars 3.
RatelifPs "'A Kind of Elvish Craft': Tolkien as Literary Craftsman" fills a major gap in the literature in that the essay examines an aspect of Tolkien's style and suggests that the relative lack of specificity in the work's descriptions--the use of simple words like "bread" and "tree" instead of more precise images like "loaf of coarse-ground whole wheat" or "squat apple tree with pock-marks evidencing the intimate familiarity of woodpeckers with insects living in the bark"--allows readers to concretize the simple written words with their own inner images of the objects presented, and Rateliff draws upon Tolkien's comment to this effect in the latter's essay, "On Fairy-Stories.
The festival is being supported by language enthusiasts who point out that Tolkien's invented High Elvish language is based on Welsh.
Further, even, than JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, huddled in an Oxford watering hole, yakking about elvish folk.
THERE are five different languages spoken in the production - English, entish (based on Finnish), elvish, middle English and Old English.
Gander moves fluidly (if not strictly logically) from one topic to the next--from, say, the "desire lines" created in the grass by people cutting between paved pathways in a field, to the fake Arne Jacobsen chairs in London's Victoria and Albert Museum, to the 1967 proto-MTV video for Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues," to the symbol for the artist formerly (and now again) known as Prince, to the possible typographical error in the title of Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore's 1967 book, The Medium Is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects, to the constructed Elvish language in J.