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an acronym for emissions of light and very low frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources

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Britons believe yet that he is still in life And dwelleth in Avelon with the fairest of all elves, And every Briton looketh still when Arthur shall return.
Tinkles of sleigh bells and distant laughter, that seemed like the mirth of wood elves, came from every quarter.
As for elves and fairies, and other such mummery, I purposely omit the mention of them, as I should be very unwilling to confine within any bounds those surprizing imaginations, for whose vast capacity the limits of human nature are too narrow; whose works are to be considered as a new creation; and who have consequently just right to do what they will with their own.
The Elf on the Shelf is an American book about Santa's scout elves.
The Navan Centre & Fort, Armagh has a new Santa experience for 2015, Santa's Magical Elves.
Santa's scout elves are busy tracking routes, testing flight patterns and measuring the wind velocity in preparation for this week.
The project has been halted until the Supreme Court of Iceland rules on a case brought by a group known as Friends of Lava, who cite both the environmental and the cultural impact -- including the impact on elves -- of the road project.
The elves have been pumping some serious iron at the gym over the last few weeks to build up their strength in preparation for chopping down and delivering thousands of Christmas trees to homes and offices across the country.
A TOWN centre was overrun with nearly 1,000 elves of all shapes and sizes this weekend - for a new world record.
They were in Bridgend town centre to break the world record for the largest gathering of elves - the previous record having been set in New York two years ago.
My niece was left wide-eyed in wonder at the whole experience but eight years on, would my own daughter be similarly entranced when she came face-to-face with the elves at Bluestone's festive attraction?
Corinna the Christmas Elf: A Christmas Story" is an exciting new Christmas storybook written by Suzanne Smner with a definite empowering message for girl elves with electrical engineering/managerial ambitions.
Doughnutlike bursts called elves, which often occur with sprites, flicker for less than a millisecond at 85 to 105 km.
While he was sleighing he saw a polar bear who was about to eat sixteen elves.
The book tells the heartwarming story of the scout elves sent by Santa with a mission to keep watch over children during the holiday season.