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wash out with a solvent, as in chromatography

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The following LOEs were studied: bulk metal analysis, AVS-SEM assays, elutriate tests, ecotoxicity assays and benthic community assessment.
Soil mineral particle composition was determined after sieving at 2 mm by a combination of sieve and elutriate analysis.
Shell material was washed in a bucket containing estuarine water, and the elutriate filtered through a 1-mm mesh-size screen.
320 EliteLabel 311 Elutriate Systems 203 EMD Millipore 905 Emmeti USA LLC 118 Enartis Vinquiry 1118 Encore Glass Inc.
Studies of elutriate toxicity have demonstrated that this exposure route must also be investigated (Liss and Ahlf, 1997).
Composition of soil mineral particles was determined after sieving (2 mm) using the combination of a sieve and elutriate analysis.