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the quality of being difficult to grasp or pin down

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Not only does Smith successfully show the prevalence of schadenfreude in American culture, but he also takes steps toward explaining the emotion's simultaneous elusiveness in our everyday awareness.
Even before news of the French arms supply emerged, fissures were emerging in the coalition over the high cost, civilian casualties and the elusiveness of a military victory.
Her vivid account highlights the dilemmas that accompany each legal strategy, as well as the persistent elusiveness of economic development for indigenous peoples.
The 168 matches of PPFL yielded 420 goals with twelve hat-tricks Hailed from Karachis Baloch Union club lanky Asim Faiz - the coveted target man had a brilliant hat-trick, such was his power and clever elusiveness that he did his job within 25 minutes, scoring in the 54th, 61st, 79th minute against PMC Athletico Club Faisalabad in 5-1 win.
In liner notes Browne wrote for Love Is Strange, he considers Lindley's reputation for elusiveness, nearly as mythic as his string-playing prowess.
DYNAMITE IN SMALL PACKAGES: Don't let his 5-foot-6,177-pound frame fool you; senior running back Greyson Skokos can hurt teams with elusiveness and overall desire.
If those two lines in parenthesis are dropped, the following two lines, "have the elusiveness / of shooting stars," fit no better and no worse and perhaps should have been rethought.
Summary: As expected, the summit between the Lebanese and Syrian presidents, Michel Sleiman and Bashar Assad, yielded statements redolent with platitudes and elusiveness.
I always just work on what I do best, which is my fitness, speed and elusiveness," he said.
Around the same time the DEA was noting the elusiveness of candy-flavored meth, Sens.
Even at their most temperate and even-handed--as in Rosen's chapter on Wittgenstein and Strauss in The Elusiveness of the Ordinary--Rosen ' s interpretations of Strauss rely on unsympathetic, distorting readings of Strauss.
Riccardo Iannello's Don Jose, overwhelmed by his passions and wornout by Carmen's elusiveness, takes his anger out on others.
Osby, displaying great vision and elusiveness, continued to run wild on the Tomahawks (1-8, 0-4) with a 5-yard TD run on the first play of the second quarter.
With his patience and elusiveness Saturday, James resembled the other Willamette Valley wonder, Oregon State tailback Quizz Rodgers, who also has run the Trojans ragged the past two years.
Mr Brown, it seems, failed to respond to the biscuit question not just once but a dozen times leading to accusations of indecision and deliberate elusiveness - although quite why anyone would routinely fend off questions about global financial meltdown then dodge one about Garibaldis is beyond me.