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the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)


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Inspired by his meeting, he wants to find Elijah much more, and finds that his savior has quite the legacy--for both helping people and elusion.
That strategy might be called elusion, and Chu certainly performs it well--whether eluding environments, categorizations, or expectations.
According to NSA and ESA, "the underground economy" derives from deliberately hidden activities by the public authorities for reasons as: the elusion of the payments owed to income tax, value added tax and other taxes, the elusion of the payments owed to social insurance contribution, respecting the legal standards/regulations and avoiding to comply to some administrative procedures.
Chevrolet Elusion Concept The lead designer on this vehicle is: Chris Robles from College for Creative Studies.
Yet, Pickard ultimately resists the elusion, the wrong righted, the narrow escape.
The invisible clusters, or aggregates, of vitamin E molecules form what Chauhan describes as "transport barriers" that slow down the elusion of the glaucoma medication from the lens into the eye.
soil, was something that had become an afterthought after almost a decade of elusion, said Allen, who is one of a couple hundred local veterans whose photographs adorn the walls of Mom's Snak Shak, a Creswell burger and coffee joint.
This elusion in minds of the NCP leaders about insecurity in South Sudan created by Militia loyal to Khartoum must be falsified.
4) The in- elusion ratio is determined by subtracting the "applicable fraction" from one.
A central section of this richly illustrated book deals with the 18th century a period when artifice, elusion and deception (particularly in the bedroom as well as at the toilette table) knew no bounds.
The Cabinet authorized the Minister of Finance or his deputy to discuss with the countries with whom the Kingdom has signed agreements on evasion of dual taxation and prevention of tax elusion regarding taxes on income and capital the possibility of inserting an annex protocol to amend an article on information exchange.
Sometimes we can find even some tentative of elusion only to create a relation, a bridge with the glorious period between the two world wars.
The All-Star Fashion Nite Tip-Off was presented by Los Angeles Laker and designer of Elusion clothing line Matt Barnes, along with songstress Chilli from VH1's "What Chilli Wants," and Gloria Govan ("Basketball Wives").
Traditionally, Benjamin Netanyahu skillfully deceives sincerity and pretends to the point of elusion.
Whether Longo is still in the Cancun area is unknown, Mathews said, given his pattern of elusion.