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Synonyms for elucidation

Synonyms for elucidation

an act of explaining that serves to clear up and cast light on

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an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

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Not deriving much comfort from this elucidation, I pursued the inquiry still further, and found that the Transcendentalists are followers of my friend Mr.
This elucidation of a knotty point being received with such marks of approval as to put John Willet into a good humour, he contented himself with repeating to his son his command of silence, and addressing the stranger, said:
It happened, fortunately for the elucidation of any intelligible result, that Mr Dorrit had heard or read nothing about the matter.
The excellent lady delivered this luminous elucidation of her views with an air of greatly obliging her hearers, and greatly distinguishing herself.
The motives on the other side were something deeper than any which Richard Swiveller entertained or understood, but these being left to their own development, require no present elucidation.
Setting out from this ensemble--and transformed in the process into a character lifted from a Robbe-Grillet novel--one could bring together a few threads of the fable in which one found oneself dropped, as it were (provided of course that the viewer was willing to play along, which meant accepting the fact that the puzzle would remain obstinately full of holes and the enterprise of elucidation doomed from the start).
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Nearly seventy when he became associated with Cesi, he had devoted his career to the study and elucidation of some of the major scientific and pseudo-scientific issues that captivated the later Cinquecento.
The elucidation of important secondary minerals involved in the abiotic conversion of IMCs can translate in practice to monitoring key constituents in soil that predict abiotic conversion.
Biotransformation and metabolite elucidation of xenobiotics.
Aimed at the elucidation of CP violation and matter-antimatter asymmetry, the B Factory complements several other particle physics projects.
Second, the eventual isolation of the chromosome 10-linked gene and the elucidation of its function will provide insight into why patients have the symptoms that they do.
The book presents a compilation and extensive evaluation of the newest results in the rapidly developing domain of chromatography, with a brief enumeration of the methods applied, critical discussion of the results and elucidation of the impact of multivariate methods on the practice and theory of chromatography.