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It is not enough merely to react to scientific events, translating and elucidating them for popular consumption.
These methods have broad applicability to the life sciences, from comparative genomics across species to the detailed study of human variation to elucidating the sequence of economically useful organisms.
134), these experiments generated high-quality data that may prove useful in elucidating the behavior of materials on Earth.
His orchestra, which was in fine French fettle, delivered a supple, spirited, cheeky account of the work, elucidating in snappy fashion how one bar begins only to have another interject, how a dialogue ensues, complete with statement and retort.
It is a superior methodology for elucidating phospho-profiles of protein kinase targets and has been employed to profile hundreds of disease models and primary human tumors for which many thousands of novel phosphorylation sites have been discovered.
The joint research group has succeeded in isolasting a phage from lake water and elucidating its properties.
health disparities) to explore gene by environment interactions; 7) Studies elucidating the genetic regulation of neural mechanisms, and their modulation by environmental circumstances, that impact upon cognitive function, cognitive reserve and flexibility, learning, and memory; 8) Studies to investigate gene by environmental covariation.
For their work elucidating how Earth's protective ozone layer forms and decomposes, three scientists received this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
CST's PhosphoScan(TM) platform is a robust and superior methodology for elucidating TKSignatures of protein tyrosine kinase targets.
Kastan is a recognized leader in the field of signal transduction pathways, conducting important basic research in elucidating the molecular steps involved in cellular responses to DNA damage.
Over the years, Dehmelt and his collaborators have focused on elucidating the structure--if any--of the electron.
His laboratory is involved in studies elucidating the immunobiology of host T-cell responses to infectious viruses and transformed cells.
Examples include, but are not limited to, studies elucidating the function or mechanism of action of an identified gene or protein in precipitating premature delivery.
Allen, who has been in the business of elucidating Ficino's commentaries for the past twenty years, assures their scholarly weight and reliability, while making the volume itself, faultlessly executed and most reasonably priced by California, one of the last great bargains of the waning twentieth century.
As a step toward elucidating the basic physical principles underlying the mixing of solids, researchers have now proposed a simple model that captures some of the key features of slow granular mixing -- a process frequently used in industry.