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a liquid solution that results from elution

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Methods are applicable to determine the leaching behaviour of inorganic constituents from waste, produced eluate can be characterized physically and chemically.
To examine the interaction between Rheb and FKBP38, we performed a co-IP experiment with anti-Rheb, observing that Rheb and FKBP38 were bound together in eluates from cotransfected cells (Figure 1B).
SPE with a mixed-mode cation exchange SPE 96-well plate (Oasis MCX [micro]Elution, Waters) was conducted as described elsewhere (11) with some modifications (the second wash solution before elution was replaced with 4% aqueous phosphoric acid, both elution volumes were increased to 50 [micro]L, and eluates were dried and resuspended before injection).
The objective of this work was to carry out leaching tests and determine the composition of semicoke eluates in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
Two eluates were combined and then dried under reduced pressure with a rotary evaporator at 30[degrees]C.
Hexane eluates were evaporated to dryness, and residues were taken up with 10 mL methanol.
Diagnosis of female genital schistosomiasis by indirect disease markers: determination of eosinophil cationic protein, neopterin and IgA in vaginal fluid and swab eluates.
Electrophoresis and autoradiogrphy of the eluates showed a 2-3 kDa fragment containing radiolabel.
2-6] Eluates from the patient's red blood cells and her serum samples failed to react with red blood cells in the absence of cefotetan.
The Robot-system shall be able to pipette sample materials from primary tubes for nucleic acid extraction (Step 1: pre-extraction), extracting nucleic acids (Step 2: extraction) and pipette eluates from nucleic acid extraction and PCR-reagents for suitable trays for real-time analysis (Step 3: pre-PCR).
The eluates were then sent to profile and peptide sequencing by MALDI-TOF-MS (see protocols in the online Data Supplement).
One characteristic is its acidic leather nature as seen through the eluates of the ISO 4045:2008 test giving pH values between 3 and 4.
The combined acidic eluates were evaporated in vacuum at 40 [degrees]C, the residue taken up in water and freeze dried: 62 mg aminosubstituted oligomers.
Each of the 4 samples was concentrated by using a conventional filter adsorption-elution method (10), and the resulting eluates were reconcentrated by ultrafiltration.
The pass-through and column wash with 10% methanol were separately collected, as were the sequential eluates with 10 mL volumes of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% methanol.