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Synonyms for eloquent

Synonyms for eloquent

fluently persuasive and forceful

exceedingly dignified in form, tone, or style

effectively conveying meaning, feeling, or mood

Synonyms for eloquent

expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

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23 August 2017 - Canada-based library knowledge management (KM) solutions provider Lucidea has acquired Canada-based applications developer Eloquent Systems to expand knowledge management solutions, the company said.
To learn more about this workshop and the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops, please visit http://eloquentlight.
She aims to set up an Eloquent Maths Tutoring Academy to run alongside the existing business.
Aside from the ridiculous hypocrisy that kept interrupting al-Assad's speech on March 30, 2011, he was indeed very eloquent (almost as eloquent as Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah).
Eloquent Online, a shadow CUSO of Chetco Federal Credit Union, uses live music performances to help credit unions connect with Generation Y.
1 : having or showing clear and forceful expression <an eloquent speaker> <an eloquent plan>
Alexandria Library Automation CyberTools for Libraries Eloquent Systems, Inc.
Lincoln Kirstein believed that a different and more eloquent kind of ballet could rise from the embers of Russian classical dance and flourish in America.
Abraham Lincoln [1809-1865] is known as one of the most eloquent of U.
Maugham's complex account of a silly, shallow woman who grows spiritually despite herself stands as eloquent testimony to the unfathomable realm of human possibility.
a prominent scholar of President Abraham Lincoln and author of the best-selling book, The Eloquent President: A Portrait of Lincoln Through His Words, will be the keynote speaker at the 2007 Spring Institute and Annual meeting in Orlando, Fla.
Mexico border as a child and she brings her experiences and an eloquent voice to her character Juana, a Mexican teenager.
His is a persistent presence in this book, and at one point rather far into the narrative Ajami presents us with a long and eloquent defense of the man who made a name for himself as the Pentagon's favorite Iraqi.
Returning to Lincoln, in copywriting you don't want to be too eloquent.
According to The Observer's excitable reviewer, it shows that he is a "charismatic man of action, an eloquent preacher, a teacher of literature and a resilient, cunning, wonderfully briefed politician.