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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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When eloping, 74 percent of affected children eloped from their own home or someone else's home.
Instinctively, we are aware of the links between youths running away in general and youths eloping from out-of-home care.
MODERN brides-to-be would prefer a white wedding in a church than eloping to Gretna Green or jetting to Las Vegas to marry, a new survey has revealed.
After eloping to Reno, Frasier forces them to go through the ceremony again - but will that be the end of it?
Gretna Chase, a family-run hotel built in 1856 for eloping couples, has a spacious bar and award-winning gardens.
HACTOR HARVEY KEITEL has shocked Hollywood by eloping - just days after an ex-girlfriend gave birth to his baby.
At this time he would have been known as a man who had, some nine years before, dashed a promising courtly career by eloping with the niece of his employer, Sir Thomas Egerton.
A safe haven -- which can be an enclosed courtyard of fenced-in area -- is a less restrictive means of keeping residents from eloping from the facility.
A 20- YEAR- OLD man killed his wife after realising that he had brought shame to his family by eloping with the girl he loved and marrying her.
Local Yemeni press have often reported on young girls who were murdered by families for eloping with men.