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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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It is legal to marry at the age of 16 in Scotland without parental consent, and for centuries Gretna Green has been infamous for being the place where elopers wed.
That's presumably to stop all those elopers just turning up and insisting on being wed there and then
Speakers will address methods to screen for potential elopers and response techniques.
0 wants to help elopers and designers envision the future of health tech -- a future wide open for them to create.
A community renowned for cosseting cosy couples has cemented many mutually beneficial relationships over the years But even a town which takes great pride in its reputation as the nation's number one destination for elopers accepts romance has discovered a new home in Gretna.
He was waiting to collect her and the couple then headed for Gretna - not your typical elopers.