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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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With a registration plate of E10PER, Carlos has named his unique motor the Pink Eloper and hopes to attract some of the 4,000 gay couples who tie the knot in the capital every year.
Since we cannot have observation 24 hours a day on each and every resident, we must have all doors alarmed for unauthorized exiting or have those residents who could possibly elope equipped with individual identification bands or anklets that will trigger a sensor when an eloper attempts to leave.
First, they they provide a level of security against intruders and, second, they can alert the staff to people leaving a floor or the preimses, as in the case of a wanderer or an eloper.
This group of elopers derive pleasure from denying citizens their rights.
That starts the mad dash, with Bob and the posse, Henry's nurse who knows Henry isn't dying and wants to marry him, and a bunch more all trying to overtake the supposed elopers.