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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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First, they they provide a level of security against intruders and, second, they can alert the staff to people leaving a floor or the preimses, as in the case of a wanderer or an eloper.
Priced at $1500, " Lover's Cove" is the hotel's most popular package for elopers.
That starts the mad dash, with Bob and the posse, Henry's nurse who knows Henry isn't dying and wants to marry him, and a bunch more all trying to overtake the supposed elopers.
Stonebridge will be built by dev elopers Gentoo and the the new development of 29 two, three and four-bedroom family homes is just off the A690 and adjacent to the Stonebridge Inn.
elopers 5th Cell have returned h a sequel to their popular ntendo DS game which sees Maxwell once again embark on more adventures in a bid to find the elusive 'Starites'.
It is legal to marry at the age of 16 in Scotland without parental consent, and for centuries Gretna Green has been infamous for being the place where elopers wed.
That's presumably to stop all those elopers just turning up and insisting on being wed there and then
Speakers will address methods to screen for potential elopers and response techniques.