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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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But this taking him in the very act of elopement, would be a very difficult thing to accomplish, I fear,' said Mr.
It will be an elopement, not a flight from justice.
They were not among those who disbelieved their brother's letter; but they had no confidence in Maggie's adherence to her renunciation of him; they suspected that she had shrunk rather from the elopement than from the marriage, and that she lingered in St.
Then I adjusted it to the matter in hand which was neither more nor less than an elopement.
On this occasion, Miss Garth -- who, after adopting Norah's opinions, had passed from the one extreme of over-looking Frank altogether, to the other extreme of believing him capable of planning an elopement at five minutes' notice -- volunteered to set forth immediately, and do her best to find the missing young lady.
Thinking that his brother had run away with Christine Daae, Philippe had dashed in pursuit of him along the Brussels Road, where he knew that everything was prepared for the elopement.
Patna: A village court in Bihar has banned T-shirts and jeans for college-going girls in Bihar in a move that it claims will put a brake on rising cases of elopements - the key factor behind honour killings.
The Alzheimer's Association estimates that nearly half of all elopements occur within the first days after admission.
A member of the Anjuman Muslim Panchayat that issued the diktat, however, on his part justified the decision and explained the frequent incidents of elopements and similar cases as cause for the imposition of the ban.
The excavation of the hidden arms and ammunition was still in progress; he said and hinted at the investigation into the seizure carried out under the supervision of DIG investigation Hamid Shakeel would lead the police to elopements opposed to peace.
Human rights authorities say elopements have long been common in society, but the trend is on the rise among women and girls in recent years.
And, although the program benefitted from the latest safety, surveillance, and security technology, total elopements averaged 15 percent in 2009 and spiked to 23 percent in early 2010.
the existence of or sufficiency of an elopement prevention policy, especially if there is evidence indicating that there had been previous elopements (whether or not they resulted in harm);
Now, the 55-year-old said, a mobile phone service that seems to be the only thing working in the failed Horn of Africa state is helping drive a rise in elopements, pregnancies out of marriage and a steady erosion of Somalia's conservative values.