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the act of running away with a lover (usually to get married)

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I'm sure the sight of her will be better than the finest fireworks that ever went off," said Phebe, meditating an elopement with one of the boats if she could get a chance.
Bishopriggs--evidently under the impression that the case before him was a case of elopement, with Sir Patrick mixed up in it in the capacity of guardian--addressed himself, in friendly confidence, to Anne.
You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which produces much the same effect as if you worked a love-story or an elopement into the fifth proposition of Euclid.
And last evening,' added Mrs Nickleby, with increased confusion, 'he called gently over the wall, as I was walking in the garden, and proposed marriage, and an elopement.
I suppose she was always like that; even in the very hour of elopement with Fyne.
It will be an elopement, not a flight from justice.
But being one day at Hull, where I went casually, and without any purpose of making an elopement at that time; but, I say, being there, and one of my companions being about to sail to London in his father's ship, and prompting me to go with them with the common allurement of seafaring men, that it should cost me nothing for my passage, I consulted neither father nor mother any more, nor so much as sent them word of it; but leaving them to hear of it as they might, without asking God's blessing or my father's, without any consideration of circumstances or consequences, and in an ill hour, God knows, on the 1st of September 1651, I went on board a ship bound for London.
Pickwick--'when is this villainous design to be carried into execution--when is this elopement to take place?
But this taking him in the very act of elopement, would be a very difficult thing to accomplish, I fear,' said Mr.
Stephen Guest on the quay at Mudport if he had not witnessed the effect it produced on Tom when he went to report it; and since then, the circumstances which in any case gave a disastrous character to her elopement had passed beyond the more polite circles of St.
It is of a kind that often occurs in Indian life; where love elopements from tribe to tribe are as frequent as among the novel-read heroes and heroines of sentimental civilization, and often give rise to bloods and lasting feuds.
I have heard what elopements are like," continued Dolokhov with a wink.
It was silly to be writing about love and murder and elopements and mysteries.
Packages also include, Elopement Ceremonies, Unique and romantic marriage proposals, Ceremony and reception planning and management, Florida Marriage License through the mail, Pre-Cruise Beach Weddings, and Pop-Up Weddings.
John Mitchel and Jenny Verner's courtship was hotly contested by both families; their elopement and marriage was close to if not quite scandalous.