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the act of running away with a lover (usually to get married)

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But this taking him in the very act of elopement, would be a very difficult thing to accomplish, I fear,' said Mr.
On this occasion, Miss Garth -- who, after adopting Norah's opinions, had passed from the one extreme of over-looking Frank altogether, to the other extreme of believing him capable of planning an elopement at five minutes' notice -- volunteered to set forth immediately, and do her best to find the missing young lady.
Thinking that his brother had run away with Christine Daae, Philippe had dashed in pursuit of him along the Brussels Road, where he knew that everything was prepared for the elopement.
It is of a kind that often occurs in Indian life; where love elopements from tribe to tribe are as frequent as among the novel-read heroes and heroines of sentimental civilization, and often give rise to bloods and lasting feuds.
I have heard what elopements are like," continued Dolokhov with a wink.
It was silly to be writing about love and murder and elopements and mysteries.
Economic Relations Division (ERD) secretary Kazi Shofiqul Azam and OFID director general Suleiman J Al Herbish will sign the loan agreements on behalf of their respective sides after the inauguration of the 'Bangladesh Dev elopement Forum (BDF), 2018' at Sonargaon Hotel in the city on Wednesday, an ERD official told BSS on Monday.
Earlier in 2017, three men chopped off the nose and lips of a youngster after subjecting him to severe torture to exact revenge of his role in an elopement case.
The acclaimed Hyatt Carmel Highlands, which overlooks the Big Sur coast and features 48 luxuriously appointed guestrooms, announced a special elopement package for lovebirds looking for an intimate ceremony in a romantic location.
com/prince-harrys-fanbase-has-mixed-feeling-about-meghan-markle-elopement-rumors-2567738) READ: Prince Harry's Fanbase Has Mixed Feeling About Meghan Markle Elopement Rumors
In the new CNA report, analysts note that resident elopement continues to be a major risk both for the residents and for long-term care facility managers.
The kidnapping, rescue, investigation, trial, and imprisonment of many members of the Bowditch family serve to highlight the periodAEs laws surrounding marriage, forced marriage, elopement, and womenAEs property ownership.
Packages also include, Elopement Ceremonies, Unique and romantic marriage proposals, Ceremony and reception planning and management, Pre-Cruise Beach Weddings, and Pop-Up Weddings.
The meeting seeks to resolve a six months inter-communal conflict caused a family row over a girl's elopement and cattle raids among these communities.